Kevyn Aucoin

The Guardian Angel Cream Highlighter


Gloria M.
Gorgeous product!

Paired with Illamasqua's cream blusher in Lies along with their cream pigment Hollow (for contouring), I found this Guardian Angel cream highlighter is superb. All three components work together to give a natural sculptured look, delicate and beautiful for my fair skin.

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Ulla U.
Had high hopes for this...

I wish I was more in love with this highlighter from Kevyn Aucoin. I think I prefer powder highlighters after trying this. The cream in the pan attracts every piece of lint in the air or on your hands which gathers on the surface making it look dingy. Also, the highlight is so subtle that I ended up applying too much which created a thick, muddy look on my cheekbones and messed up my foundation. Additionally, I couldn't see any iridescent pink highlight, even after applying too much. Granted, the lighting in my bathroom is not great, but I didn't notice any difference in sunlight either.

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