JUNO & Co.

Cherrybomb - Perfect Me Cheek Defining Kit


Allison Marie F.
Wow! Yaaaaaaassssss!

1. Packaging is beautifully adorable 2. Size of a typical square palette 3.the Bronzer, creamy and such a fab formula 4. The blush gorgeous has a bit of sheen, build with it as it is pigmented 5. Champagne highlight gorgeous great formula 6. Last thing a white w few sparkles highlight once again great formula! And you cannot beat the price!!! It just shows you great makeup in impeccable packaging shouldn’t cost an arm or a leg!

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Amanda P.

I love this product. One of my favorite purchases for the year. Very affordable. The packaging is beautiful, does come with a mirror. The blush is very pigmented and I tap off excess product and go in lightly and it works great. The white is more of a sheer glitter topper. I dab into the champagne highlight next to it and than lightly dab into the white glitter and it looks gorgeous as a highlight together. Haven’t had a lot of time to play with the bronzer. The bronzer appears to be cool toned and I did not have any orange vibes on my pale skin. The bronzer also is matte and I didn’t notice any shimmer when I applied or swatched it. I definitely think the blush and highlight would work for many skin tones.

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Rachel P.
Why is no one talking about this??

I'm absolutely in love with the Cherrybomb palette!! The glitter highlight is creamy and glossy looking but it doesn't accentuate texture and the champagne highlight gives a dewy wet look that should work for multiple skin tones. The blush is gorgeous but definitely shiny if that's your thing - the shade is similar to Nars' orgasm but with more of a golden duochrome. And finally the contour is the perfect shade to really resemble a shadow on light to medium skin tones. In addition to the incredible shades and performance, the packaging is SO freaking cute! And all for less than 25 bucks?! This palette is a win all around and I HIGHLY recommend!!l

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Hyerim I.

The powders are very soft. If you dip your bush, beware powder will poof out making a slight mess. The highlight is nice, the white shimmery shade is very very shimmery! Has a lot of sparkles but the base is translucent. I am assuming its more of a topper for your highlight in case you want to be EXTRA. The bronzer is cool tone and the blush reminds me a of a cherrier version of nars orgam.

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Vanessa G.
Beautiful shades!!

I have never heard of JUNO & CO. before, but I trust Beautylish to be up to date with the best products! I was looking for a palette with pigment and this is exactly what I got! The packaging is gorgeous! The white highlight shade is a little sheer, but maybe it's supposed to be. The other 3 shades are perfect! Luckiy for me, the contour shade is the perfect color for my fair skin. This blush is a pinkish color and the champagne highlight is the perfect amount of shimmer!

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Karen P.

Firstly, the packaging is so freaking cute! It feels heavy and expensive. Whats inside is even better! The 1st highlight is this beautiful champagne color that melts into your skin. The 2nd it really nice too. I thought it was going to be white but its translucent and i love that. Blush is this perfect, makes my checks so juicyyy! Contour is a good shade for me, light skin. its like a bronzy contour so it not to warm not to cool just warms the skin up and sculpts your cheeks in a way that looks natural. I also love how you can mix theses and alter them in every beautiful way. i notice this is a long review but seriously this is amazing and only $20?? Also i must add the pigmentantion is crazy. You literally need a touch. And you can also use it as eyeshadow or inner corner highlight!

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