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Best of Nudes Mini Lip Crème Set


Priscila O.
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10/10 ! • fast delivery service • gorgeous color • high pigmented • long lasting • cruelty-free 'naked' is my favorite

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Rachael M.
Not happy...
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6 of my 8 lipsticks are half full. Am not happy...saw this happened with the Jeffrey star kit, got lucky with that one but not with this.

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Bree A.
My order arrived missing a lip creme
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I'm happy with how quickly my order arrived but when I opened the package I noticed that I got double of the same shade Dulce de leche and the shade Papaye is missing. When you pay $34 you kind of expect for the gang to be all there but for me I guess it got swapped out? I'm pretty disappointed, Beautylish. This was my first order with you and the color I was most excited about using in the kit isn't there..

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Faye J.

some lipsticks are half full. Am not happy. And the color on my lip looks the same. But the smell of lipsticks is good.

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Isabelle B.

Just perfect and so good taste of chocolate, really recommand it. It gives you beautiful lips that last without bleeding. So happy with this purchase!!!This such a MUST HAVE, LOVE IT!!!

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Judy S.
Beautiful shades

What a fabulous collection of A+ long wear lipsticks by Jouer. So far the three shades I tried, exceeded my expectations. And there are MANY MORE! Merry Christmas to me! Don’t hesitate, ladies! This bargain is unparalleled & I am a Jouer fan for life! Great quality; perfect size for small handbags and the long wear formula is non-drying!

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Misty C.
Loving these

Haven’t got to use all the colors yet but so far loving the ones I have used. Great coverage and staying power! I will be ordering several of the full sizes.

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Zia R.
Well thought out shades in the set

I love all the shades in this set. They complement my medium-tan skin tone. I love the vanilla scent and the thin consistency. They lasts a good 4-5 hours on my lips but does breakdown when I eat. I have tried other brands' liquid lipstick and I do feel that Jouer's formula is not my uttermost fav as it does feel a tad bit drying and if I don't moisturise well, they accentuate the cracks and lines on my lips.

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Joop O.
Glad I didn't gift this!

Missing Dulce De Leche-, received 2 Papaye! For amt. of $ expected better QC. Also, hated nearly every color i.e. GOLD (papaya) shimmer, rust(terra), nasty beige (bare), brown(rayanne-advertised as cool grey), invisible-why bother? (tawny rose-advertised as dusty MAUVE), peach-ok(naked). Will not order any of these colors/Jouer ever again. Will stick with KVD, Julep &/or Sephora.

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Melissa R.
All look the same

Not sure what the issue is but all of these look the same on my lips. PINK! And not a flattering shade of pink for my skin tone either. On the plus side, the formula is good and they don't dry out your lips. Just really wish these were true nudes and not pinks.

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