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Long-Wear Lip Topper


Jon G.
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I love this product. It turns any lipstick metallic. Works best with liquid to matte lipsticks or Matte lipsticks in general. A own a three shades & im absolutely obsessed. Find a shade that speaks to you and splurge cause having one in you vanity drawer is a must, I promise!

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Angela W.
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Love this over my nude color today! Just enough sparkle and love that it's not tacky at all! LOVE this product!!!!

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Jodi C.
Way better in person!
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This lip topper is so magical on the lips! It looks way better in person then in pictures. I tried applying it on top of Kylie's Koko K. BEAUTIFUL!!

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Sherri B.
Sparkling goodness

This lip topper transforms any lipstick to a metallic in one swipe. It's long lasting and beautiful. It's also gorgeous by itself. Makes lips look plump and wonderful.

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Ashley Y.

I usually don't fall into the hype of YouTube, but I will admit, I fell into this one. This has glitter, but also glow, and blends effortlessly into any lipstick under it. The smell is a major plus (smells like cupcakes) and I get compliments every time I wear it. It amps up any lipstick or completely changes the color if you're feeling a bit bored with your every-day lipstick

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Joy A.
I love it

This lip topper was so beautiful, I ordered 2 more as back up! I absolutely love it both on its own or on top of any other lipstick. Stunning! Snag it while you can.

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Larissa L.

Over a nude lipstick. That's my favorite way to wear this gloss. It gives such a pretty shine to the lips. I highly recommend it.

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Not what I expected

This is getting rave reviews I understand.. not really working for me. It is chunky glitter that seems to break up all my lip product and cause my lips to peel. I am so sorry.. I love lip gloss and I love glitter... I think the color is nice and I see the instagram photos. and I want it to work for me.. but it is just not. I will play with it some more.. but for now I would not purchase again. I will try the lip gloss... maybe those are better.

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Sellyvina S.
Love It

I can change any matte lipstick color to a glam glow look in second and good to go 👌🏼 Love the formula

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Tiffany U.
Jouer never disappoints

This is STUNNING. The color is perfect and exactly the slight pink I was hoping for. I'd say it's better for my cool toned fair/light skin ladies - especially when comparing to the rose gold topper! Has the perfect shine.

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