Josie Maran

Cream Bronzer

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Noelle M.
wanted to love it..

I really really really wanted to love this product, because i love the idea of easy to use, goof proof products, and I'm really fair, but this just did not show up on me at all, no matter how much i tried to get it to show up I just haven't been able to master this product yet, I don't think the product is bad, I just don't know how to correctly use it I guess because other people seem to really like it.

K-Li S.

I just picked this up, and with some hesitation, at first it looks way too dark. But it turns out that this is a fantastic product! It's one of the most natural looking bronzers I've come across in my quest for a subtle glow. It doesn't have any shimmer, which I really like for a daytime look, sometimes the sparkle in a bronzer is way too much. It's super light and sheer so you can build it up (the more you blend, the sheerer it becomes), and it doesn't feel oily after wearing it all day and doesn't turn orange as many cream bronzers do. I'd highly recommend this product - just sweep a little bit up your cheek bones toward your temples - if you have light-light/medium skin like I do, it really makes your eyes pop and gives you a healthy summery glow. PLUS - its ingredients and packaging are eco-friendly.