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Liquid Frost

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Lauren  F.
Its neat!

The base color is a really nice pink. The glitter is a purple/pinkish color which is a little strange but is fun if that's something you would wear. The packaging is really nice and there's not really a fragrance to it.

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Katie P.

Love the purple sparkles I see when the light hits it! Definitely more of a body highlight than a face highlight IMO! Gonna be buying more of these for sure!!

Danielle Z.
Awesome highlight

Super staying super shiny i love this glow. This color is perfect and matches my beauty killer pallette!

Karla C.
Not fan of the glitter

It is a beautiful formula and shade, but don't like the purple glitter in it... It makes it tacky

Maxine F.
I love it more than I imagined!

Frozen Peach! A gorgeous color that definitely does surprise you when applied and spread out on the skin giving pink and purply sort of glitter-flecks. I have a blue/turquoise/green peacock tattoo over my chest, shoulder, and back - when I apply frozen peach to it, the shimmer goes from pink and purple to a more cobalt blue/indigo/purple shimmer and it's completely gorgeous. I'm happier than I thought I would be, it makes my tattoos look AMAZING.

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Tsz man C.
Super pretty!

Before purchasing, I saw that some people found the highlight too watery so they didn't really like it. But for me, I understand why it is so watery. It's because it can be easier to be built up on powder and intensify the blindness by layering. This peachy pinky tone with purple and pink glitters is really flattering and dreamy to me. I didn't know that I would like it so-so much! Highly recommend!

Emily  B.
Packaging is amazing product is good BUT... I wish for more colors!

frozen peach liquid frost- I wish that it was actually peach, I feel like it's more like a pinky purple color! Packaging is amazing and I would like to try more shades ....definitely not the best liquid highlight I have tried but definitely the pretiest!!!

Shelby B.
Photo of product included with review by Shelby B.

I’m a huge fan of Jeffree Star, but am so disappointed in this product! It’s so glittery, the packaging feels cheap and incredibly light like there isn’t a lot of product ( I understand how much product is given is listed) . The formula is really thin. (Photo is a swatch on my hand)

Star B.
Should have made a yt video

When I ordered frozen peach, it didn't think there would be so much pink, purple, and blue glitter. Nothing on the face like his skin frost. Now the shade I want that I thought may have been too dark for me is sold out.

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Jennie T.
This is BLINDING!!!
Photo of product included with review by Jennie T.

I Got frozen peach and it's PERFECT on my skin. In a light peachy nuetral with a pink-peachy undertone and it's perfect. I would buy again and again and it's amazing with lotion and foundation. It didn't take my foundation off. I used a damp sponge and my fingers to blend. In the pic attached you can see the Pink glow is the best

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