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Surprise Bag


Charlie T.
Love the Surprise Bag..

I love the Surprise bag and buy several, keep what I don't have and gift the rest. The only problem I have with this is, if buying 2 or more at the same time, it would be nice to not get the exact same items.. that was a bit disappointing for me but its still an amazingly great value & I will buy them as long as they are offered

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Kenna B.
Left overs and poor sellers

This was pretty much a bag full of the overstock they have all the poor sellers there were a few things I didn't have but it had that glittery highlighter supreme frost formula in it the one that is powdery and just bad.

Pamela G.

Good box for the price but I always signed for the boxes and I got them two months in a row and I got THE SAME EXACT THING even though it went outstock online and for the next month when became available it was the same. Just not fair.

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Brenda B.
Love the JSC Mystery Bags!

This is my 2nd box…. Love it…. Got some repeats but don’t care! I love to share with my friends!!! I got Pink Religion, Thirsty, Pink Religion cross mirror, f* mascara in coral, 2 glosses and 2 LL…. In which one of them was green…. But hey, this is a mystery bag! Loved it! Will purchase again and again!! Thanks Beautylish!!!

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Natalie W.
Grateful, but hoped for other items.
Photo of product included with review by Natalie W.

So, I was hoping I'd be one of the lucky ones in the reviews that got partly items that they had wished for. Pink religion I'll have to give away, since it's not the prettiest combo with green eyes. But thirsty surprised me with the colors. I now own all pig mirrors, although I skipped the black one on purpose. Love the pink liquid lip, and will use the white for ombre lips and to mix with eyeshadow for a longer lasting eyeliner. Both glosses are a bit dark for me (one of them could even be described as a lot too dark). The highlighter surprised me, looked pretty dark, but actually works with my skin tone.

I'm torn between never ever buying this again, or giving it another shot....

Jennifer  S.
Great way to add to your JS collection
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer  S.
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer  S.

My first time getting these surprise bags. I am very impressed. Most of the products I received, I didn't have in my personal JS collection. My first bag came with the white Star Ranch mirror, the large magnetic palette, the single eye shadow Coma, the Weirdo palette, Pink Religion palette, The Gloss in Silk Rope, gloss in Shockwave, VLL in Designer Blood and Chrysanthemum. The second surprise bag, I received; Star Ranch mirror in white, Thirsty palette, Pink Religion palette, F proof mascara in blood orange, The Gloss in Safe Word and Pretzel Drip. VLL in Unicorn Blood and Crocodile Tears. I felt like I received a good mixture of products. It's definitely worth the money. Especially if you want to add to your collection or you are starting out or you just absolutely love JS cosmetics. I do recommend purchasing these surprise bags.

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Maude D.
No more thirsty palettes

So this was the third surprise bag i bought since january and i got the thirsty palette three times beauty killer two times the gloss in mouthfull two times and the f proof mascara in blood orange two times too. The boxes are definitly worth the money but i guess i was unlucky or i was hoping for more variations since i bought them in different months/ orders and got almost all of the same older stuff i get they are mystery bags tho. If i only got one i would have been much happier, i'll probably buy another one since i have 25$ store credit but much later this year please no more thirsty palettes they were even in lucky bags in december.

Jo S.
Totally love this!!
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I ordered on 19apr and I received the box on 21apr, too amazing… so very impressed by Beautylish!

So love all the beautiful goodies in the box! I received pink religion and thirsty palettes, black f’ mascara, silk rope & Sequin glass the gloss, weirdo & Shane vll, and the white star ranch mirror. Total of $217.80… unbelievable value!

Yes so I do already owe some of the items, but this is what surprise bags are all about! And I really love the surprises!!

Will not hesitate to grab a few more if this is available again!! Highly recommended!!

As always, love ya Beautylish and Jeffree! You guys ROCK! XOXO…

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Kelsi B.
Photo of product included with review by Kelsi B.

I love everything I got. Pink Religion Palette, Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette, The Gloss Pretzel Drip, The Gloss Safe Word, Jeffree, What The Fuck liquid lipstick, Unicorn Blood liquid lipstick, Valour lip scrub in strawberry gum and the Orange Chrome star mirror <3

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Victoria  S.
ty beautylish and Jeffree!!

I only got 1 thing I already owned !! the rest were all new to me !! I got the Thirsty palette..Pink Religion ( my dupe) i got unicorn blood VLL ...Crocodile 🐊 tears VLL ...the gloss in safe word and the gloss in pretzel drip ..and the pink star ranch mirror and the f*ck proof mascara in blood orange 🍊!! so beyond happy!!

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