Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Mini Controversy Emerald Edition Palette


Pinky B.

I meant to say Conspiracy and the 2 mini controversy was what got me into buying 7-8 of his palettes

Pinky B.

Jeffree star is the first expensive make-up I've ever had in my LIFE! This mini pallet. I bought both of them cause I didn't care if i doubled up on a color. That way I'll still have it if i use it all. I was already a fan of Jeffree's. But to have been able to actually own something of his as someone who loves to do eye make-up is absolutely satisfying. Controversy was the one that got me hooked now!

Abigail F.
I like that they had it done with the green as well
Photo of product included with review by Abigail F.
Photo of product included with review by Abigail F.

I like the colors and the way they are applied, really nice texture, especially the metallics. I use it almost everyday, along with my other palettes, and I love it.

The green color is beautiful, as well as the blues, I haven't used purples that much yet, but when I tried them, they were great too. Mattes are very matte, good job everyone at JSC who made this product. Everything washes off nicely.

I'm quite lucky to have bought it 1 year ago when it re-launched in September!

p.s. the makeup on the 2nd photo is both Mini Controversy and Conspiracy Palette

Kenna B.
Money grab item

Just no this sucks I wanted to like it but honestly this color story just makes no sense. Ypu have to use multiple pallets to make a look from this I just hate that

Robin  G.

Love it! Every shade stands out when you put it on. All my favorite shades in one pallett!

Angelique D.
Nice Palette
Photo of product included with review by Angelique D.
Photo of product included with review by Angelique D.
Photo of product included with review by Angelique D.

Pigmented colours for sure. Oh did have to layer Exposed, Flat Earth and My Boyfriends Purse, however I have fairy pale skin so that is in no way the shadows fault. I will say I would have preferred to have Cry on My Couch instead of Flat earth but that’s a personal opinion. Very nice palette. I did but this with the Diamond Ashes artistry single, so the top where my wrist is would be that colour. (The three I mentioned being light on me are layered 3 times on my arm.) Don’t really use makeup but I bought this to play around with, overall it’s very nice and easy enough to use.

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Tasha W.
Exactly what I hoped for!

It is soft and creamy, very pigmented. It is so much more than I hoped for, the little designs are adorable. I have used all of the colors in cute looks. I love it

Veronica K.
Pigmentation is wonderful
Photo of product included with review by Veronica K.

Love it very vibrant beautiful colors,it last all day without base, lots of compliments and love how the colors match my outfits.

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Stormy C.
Love this pallette

I love this pallette. I love all my Jeffree Star products and this one does not let me down. The shadows are pretty and pigmented AF.

Jordan C.
Put it back!!! Amazing

Bought this for put it back and it’s obviously the ultimate collectors item. May get a second just for keeps.

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