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Amy H.
Patchy after a few hours

So- I’m still on the fence. This is my first JS Lip ammunition product, so first the positives: I love the creamy application - I know others have complained about the application but perhaps the chrome collection formula improved. Normally I don’t go for something as opaque as this- but honestly it’s so beautiful and it feels like it’s staying there. It looks gorgeous on - I have highly pigmented lips so finding a nude that doesn’t have brown undertones has been a problem for me. This looks gorgeous and doesn’t make my lips look muddy or alternatively as if I swiped concealer on them. Problem is that 3-4 hours later it seems to “break up” on my lips- it gets clumpy and patchy. I am not sure why. I want to play around with this a bit more before deciding to keep it or not, and see if perhaps my lip balm is the issue or what. I did notice that if I put a gloss on top it sorta masked the patchiness but - patchy it still was. I will investigate and report back. Anyone else have this problem?

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Brittany P.
Favorite lip shade

I have never worn the lip ammunition before so I ordered a couple because lipsticks are just easier in the morning to put on before work and at work. So I didn't know what to expect and OH MY GOSH this lip shad on a medium skin tone and pinky cheeks is beautiful. I did notice that the texture is a little thicker and a little hard to apply but I just make sure my lips are exfoliated and it goes on effortlessly and beautifully. I've worn it everyday since I got it!

Lara H.
Really beautiful nude...
Photo of product included with review by Lara H.

Described as a "soft nude pink with a satin finish", I would agree. This is a very beautiful nude. The formula is soft, bold and pigmented and the color itself is just stunning. I hope Jeffree Star Cosmetics make it permanent!! I think this color would suit any skin tone beautifully.

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Angela W.
Skin Tight is right!

Not creamy at all, almost hard. Difficult to apply because it doesn't glide on like lipstick should. Loved the color, but HATE the formula😞

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Dana D.
So disappointed! :(

I wanted to love this product so badly! I got the new shade "skin tight" and I wish I would've read the reviews before I bought it - I'm having the same trouble with the formula being grainy and dry. Color is amazing but I just can't make the formula work! Would definitely recommend a sheer gloss to smooth the product after application, because it's too dry/grainy in texture to wear alone.

Kerri L.
light pink

I've been a Jefree follower from the beginning and the first Lip Ammunition's I purchased where the Summer2017 ones.

I love the colour pay off, they're easy to apply, however these of course don't last as long as the liquid lip formula's.

I have no bad comments on these at all, standardisation in the quality across all the colours this year.

Melinda C.
The Perfect Color

I love the soft.creamy formula. It glides on smoothly and is the perfect pinkie nude color. The lip ammunitions are by most favorite lipstick formula. It is a must have in my collection.

Jacqueline H.
More like a concealer

This shade matches my skin tone and my lips all but disappear into my face. I find it very drying and hard to apply and it would have to be the worst of the five new lip ammunitions in the summer collection. This shade I am going to have to play around with to make work once I can get it to feel comfortable on my lips, it really dries them out. I don't think it will be one I will be reaching for very often. Skin Tight is a very good description for this lipstick.

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Leana B.
Adore the formula
Photo of product included with review by Leana B.

I personally love the way Jeffree's lip ammunitions apply to the lips. They're a little hard feeling at first but once you warm them up they're very creamy and pigmented. I rolled all of the product out in the picture included to show how much you get. I still have a good bit left on my celebrity skin lip ammunition from his last launch and I've worn it many times so, it should last you. Also, I noticed my celebrity skin was a bit grainy (although it still applied smoothly) but I was happy to find that this one was perfectly fine. Personally, I prefer a more moisturizing lip rather than matte so these are right up my ally. ❤

Lucy R.
Pretty good!

My first ever Jeffree star lipstick. I didn't really know what to expect since some reviews say this is totally matte and some say it's got a slight sheen. I found it to become very matte on my lips. The formula reminds me Mac's satin formulas. I liked it a lot, and the smell in this shade (skin tight from the summer 2017 collection) is delightful!! The shade looks good on my nc15 skin. It was a bight light pinky coral-y nude. Super cute! loved it a lot more than I thought it would. But the formula seems to show off the lines in my lips a bit, I'm 25 and don't smoke so I don't have many, but the ones I do have really stand out.