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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

JSC X Manny MUA Bundle


Teighlor D.
Teighlor D.'s Review Image

At first I was somewhat let down when Jeffree released yet another shade of Gold until this baby was on my face.Without a doubt it is it's own unique shade within his other Gold highlighters. It's likely going to have it's place amongst my favorites he's released. I'm Shook is sooooo gorgeous and wearable.I wore it fir the first time the other night and got non stop compliments.Thank goodness I have duplicates. I ordered Eclipse,Daddy and I'm Shook separately from Beautylish when they initially launched. I was sad they didnt get the boxed bundle the first go round so I jumped on it this time. The packaging is so gorgeous.

Truth be told after I swatched Daddy at home the first go round I don't like it at all.Now I'm "stuck" with 2 of them LOL I don't think I can return them both even though I never used/wore them so they will just sit with my "collection"of unwearable shades from Jeffree Star.There isn't many tbh.Jeffree is generally pretty on point with his releases. As always Beautylish shipped insanely fast. I was disappointed in the packaging this order as things were forced into a box that was obviously too small for the size of my order. I don't like wasteful packaging but this was just poorly thought out. The box for my Sweet Tooth lip topper was crushed/squished. This didn't affect the product at all but it's a little thing that left me disappointed. Packaging and shipping is always 100% from Beautylish so I can look past something like this just this once:) Here is a look I created with I'm Shook/Uranus.

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Gena V.

Just got the Uranus bundle last night, I tried the highlighter, SO FUCKING PIGMENTED!! Liquid lipstick Daddy is amazing. Non-drying, makes me super happy because I'm used to all my liquid lipsticks drying my lips. This is my first time trying Jeffree Star cosmetics and I am 100% satisfied. Beautylish, I will definetly order more products from you! I LOVED the packaging and how fast my products were shipped.

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April R.
Love it!!!

I was very nervous to buy uranus. I'm very pale and thought it might be to golden on me but I can use it just fine. I have the whole collection and wish it was permanent.

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Carolyn S.
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“DADDY” is my all time favorite lippie I own (shown in photo). It’s a really comfortable matte formula, very long-wearing without that annoying “crumbling” that seems to happen with many matte formulas, and the color is a beautiful cool-toned brown that is always complimented when I’m out. “IM SHOOK” is a *beautiful* coral shade... I would say almost muted (not quite “dusty coral”), but still compliments so many looks I wear. It’s truly gorgeous. I also love, love the skin frost; some say the formulas are too glittery, but I love the punch of blinding champagne-y glow and how it doesn’t leave a pigment cast on my cheek bones when you’re looking at me from straight on. I think it’s beauriful on the many skin tones that I’ve used it on as a working artist. It’s the only skin frost I have from his line, but it’s a huge pan that I have barely put a dent on and 100% worth every penny. I’m looking to get KingTut next! [I have medium skin with neutral undertones for reference.]

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Latia A.
Really in love

It's not hard pan like his last few new ones it does apply as glittery as others it's just a nice pale gold on the skin love it

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Aleeshia L.

Sooooo pigmented. Some fallout but nothing bad. Two liquid lips are perfect. Packaging is on point. And beautylish has amazing packaging.

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Moira J.
Brilliant Product. Shitty service (from Beautylish)

Short rating, products are amazing, liquid lips have a really nice formula, colours are great too. The highlighter is very pigmented, not blinding but a very nice glow and isn’t too dark (I am pale so was worried it wouldn’t suit me). Easily a 5/5.

The one star deduction comes from the service from Beautylish: So I ordered this bundle a while ago along with a few other products. I was happy to finally get the set and was soooo excited when it arrived. However, when I began unboxing I noticed shiny powder through the packaging. I soon came to learn this was the highlight, which had been broken. The highlighter was shattered and the case was cracked so the product had been falling out in the packaging. I wasn’t angry, admittedly I was upset, but I understand these things can happen. What I was annoyed with was the fact I had emailed Beautylish, not so I could have the product refunded or replaced, just to bring it to their attention. It’s been two months since I sent the initial email, one month since a follow up and I still haven’t received a response from them. It’s made me so hesitant on ordering any breakable products again.

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Katie N.
Presentation A+
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The packaging was beautiful, the colors are great and the highlight is LIT! But, both of my lippies came unfilled. Not a big enough deal to be too stressed about but does suck. Other than that, it’s perfect and would still definitely recommend.

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Lila G.

Bought this bundle for Black Friday. It was listed for $30 but I was charged $35 and some change. I found that to be bothersome even though 5 bucks isn’t going to break the bank’s the principle. I was charged more than others who got it for $30.

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Rachel M.
Way too much powdery/glitter

The liquid lipstick are AMAZING! The highlighter, not so much. It was super powdery and very glittery. After I applied it to my cheek bones my entire face was sparkling from the fallout. I will not be repurchasing the highlighter, but I am a huge fan of JS liquid lipsticks for sure.

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