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Conspiracy Palette


Zoe anne G.
Photo of product included with review by Zoe anne G.
Photo of product included with review by Zoe anne G.
Photo of product included with review by Zoe anne G.
Photo of product included with review by Zoe anne G.
Photo of product included with review by Zoe anne G.

This pallet is amazing, I use it every single day, the colour payoff is outstanding, the colours are easy to use and combine, theyre some everyday shades, and also some shades that are fun to use , can’t wait to explore all combinations!

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Danielle T.
Not Impressed to Impressed :)

When I saw the pallet for the first time I was underwhelmed. But I decided to get it anyway because.......duh! I was lucky enough to get one on launch day and with that being said..... Beautylish has gained a customer for life! This was the first time purchasing from them and I am so impressed! The checkout process was so smooth (considering!) and I had the item in hand 2 days later (on a Sunday no less!) I am very impressed by them!! As for the product:

Pros: * Stunning colors * Very pigmented * Blends well (some shades need more effort than others) * Unique colors * Nice mix of neutrals and color, shimmer and matte

Cons: * Some of these colors are a little too bold for everyday wear, for the price I want to pan out :) * Messy! If you are light handed it's not bad but if you get into it ..... prepare for fallout! * Some colors stain (bittersweet - appreciate the pigment but it's a pain to get off) * Bulky! It's beautiful packaging but I have no place to put this

I like this pallet -it's fun to be a part of the excitement - but I also don't know that it's all that it has been hyped up to be. It's way more impressive in person in my opinion! I would recommend it to friends/family IF they could afford it and IF they like bold pallets.

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Nurfiyanty Z.
Photo of product included with review by Nurfiyanty Z.

Managed to secure it on launch day, which is Nov 2nd, 1am Singapore time. Was surprised to receive an email on Nov 4th that the item has been shipped. Received it on Nov 5th. This is my first time ordering from Beautylish and definitely won't be my last.

The palette looks even better in person and i am so in love with the design and colors. They are really pigmented and it is great. There was a little bit of glue on top of the "What's the tea" name but it's no problem. Easy to remove.

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Chelsea O.
In love!
Photo of product included with review by Chelsea O.

Its amazing! I have all of Jeffree's palettes and its like they just keep getting better. The formula is hands down my favorite since blood sugar. The color story is so fun and each shade unique. You wont be disappointed. Also hats off to beautylish with insanely fast shipping and beautiful wrapping.

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lauren s.

all i gotta say is HECK YEAH. colors, fire. packaging, fire. shane, FIRE! I love it so much I dont even wanna swatch it.

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Faith R.
Quickest Shipping Ever

I ordered this palette on launch day, Nov 1st, and this was delivered the very following Sunday TWO days later!! I was so shocked Beautylish delivered this palette so fast! The colors are mesmerizing but there is a tad bit of fall out when you dip your brush in the pan (which isn't a deal breaker for me). For some reason I thought the component would be all metal but it's a very sturdy, heavy duty cardboard type. The clasps hold tightly so it takes some pressure to unlatch them which I appreciate. Overall, a great addition to anyones collection. Be a part of makeup history!!

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Aelicia M.
Fast Shipping!
Photo of product included with review by Aelicia M.

I ordered this pallete on launch day (as did everyone lol) but i was extremely shocked at how fast i received my shipment with all things considering! Im happy to be a customer of beautylish there amazing and i completely recommend.

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Carly H.

After all of the drama with website being down and issues with confirmation emails and items selling out, I came to beautylish and had no problem ordering a palette on launch day! It arrived the next week with regular shipping updates! Though this is an unusual color story for my personal use, I purchased it because I was a major fan of the two creators. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible quality of the product and flawlessness of the shadows. It has inspired me to branch out in my make-up style and I have fallen in love! This product is incredible.

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Amanda I.

This is the first Jeffree Star make-up item I've ever bought, and it's fantastic. The shadows are all soft, highly pigmented and look great. I've had it for a day and have already done so many cute lewks.

A beauty youtuber suggested Beautylish, and the service I've received has been amazing! Free shipping and cheaper expedited shipping let me get this palette, that I wanted so much, for less. I also appreciated the email updated and tips, as well as part about making things more accessible for us Canadians!

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Kristen P.
Beautiful & Fast Shipping!

This palette is everything I expected and more. Beautiful product and packaging. I was on JSC website just before the launch and before I could even add to cart the website had crashed. Same with Morphe. I didn't even know about Beautylish before the launch. I quickly found this website, created an account and placed my order. They really came through for me!! The NEXT DAY I received an email stating that my order had been shipped. I got the package in yesterday and was so excited (I even got a free sample of some amazing toner)! My friend who snagged a palette on JSC's website order hasn't even shipping yet, just saying. In conclusion, I will forever be a faithful customer of Beautylish.

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