Indie Lee

Blemish Lotion


Ang V.
Didnt work for me

When I would use this product I felt like it would irritate my skin and cause more breakouts. Also as it dried on my forehead it would flake and get into my eyes making them very irritated and red. I ended up putting it in my empties bin without finishing it because it wasn't helping my skin.

It really works!

This is a miracle cure for spots! I'll never be without a bottle of this in my bathroom cabinet, it truly works!

Kinga P.
Holy grail!

This product is fantastic! It flattens bumps overnight, much faster and less drying than my usual BPO that takes 2-3 days to get rid of a zit and dries my skin out horribly.

I like that it dries down completely and I don’t mind the look of pink dots on my face. I’d rather walk around with cute pink dots all over instead of angry red zits. xD

This is the best spot treatment I’ve tried so far and I tried many, from Clinique to Paula’s Choice, Neutrogena and over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide... this one feels and works best.

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Vanessa R.
I have no words

I don't know what is in this but it is magic. I had/have cystic acne on my chin, jaw, and cheeks. I have been using this for the past week and it is CRAZY how big of a difference this has made.

I use this and the spot treatment and I am shook. If you are thinking about buying this do it.

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Latte f.

Works even on the stubborn ones... I am also using Indie Lee Blemish Stick during the day. They're really worked wonders treating blemishes/pimples than any other brand. I ❤️ it!

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Shannon R.

Put it on right before sleep, and the next morning your blemish is 50-60% gone. Mostly dries it out, gets rid of swolleness and redness. Usually burns at first, but it's nothing too awful

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Sining  T.
It kind of works but...

I bought this because I sometimes have breakout at my T-zone. It feels like it contains alcohol which I'm fine with it because it's a spot treatment. But I feel it helps strings the breakout but not getting rid of them. I'm gonna keep trying to use it to see if it will work eventually.

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Minnie C.
Ok for acne. Good for blackheads

I have 1 -5 acnes consistently on my face. If the day I woke up and found out that I only have one, that was a happy day. My face is just never clear. I bought this hoping to fasten the healing of my acne. The result was ok but not phenomenal. I read Maria D's review that she put the product on her nose to get rid of her blackheads. So I tried her way. I put the product on my nose and my chin. I washed it off once it's dry. I dare not to leave it overnight. The results was wonderful. My blackheads were cleared out ( of coz not all ) and so the pores looked smaller. And it didn't dry my skin much. Thanks Maria!

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Victoria T.
Love my pink dit dots!

I have used a product similar to this for many years now (Mario and Kate Somerville, just to name a few). I have gone through stages of mild, severe, and now rare acne. But through all the trial and error of picking a product to combat pimples, this one really is just the best. In case you're not aware, you take a q-tip, dip it all the way to the bottom (without shaking the solution!) and then 'dit dot', as I call it, on the offending blemish(s). Yes, it looks odd, my boyfriend doesn't find it especially attractive, but it works (and now he uses it too). The reason why this one is better is because of the added camphor, which is a soothing agent not found in the competitors. It therefore dries out the blemish (sometimes in one night) but doesn't dry out your skin. It also calms he redness that goes hand in hand with the pimple. This works best on whiteheads, but can help bring down the swelling and redness of cysts. I don't find it particularly effective on blackheads, but that is not its intended use. It also is amazing on bug bites! Though I rarely get pimples now, this is a staple in my medicine cabinet, and always having it on standby is such a blessing if I do have a pimple pop up!

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Jasmine C.
Acne be gone!

I rarely break out but when I do, they are big, red, and just plain annoying. This is sooo strong and definitely stings. However, it does the job! I notice reduction of size and redness by the time I wake up in the morning! A must try!

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