Graphik Eyeshadow Palette


Sue D.

There are shadows that blend into one color, lose its own colors - maybe this has happened to you as well and these shadows do that thing, too. I would say this palette is a bit overpriced but I don't regret buying it because cool shadow palettes are so rare these days, I love the colors and I like the compact size of this one.

Their pigmentation is okay to good, they're very smooth to touch, they are easy to blend (but as mentioned blend into "one color" so be careful and you can make it work; important: they do not blend into nothingness like some drugstore have done on me which just sucks) and are beautiful cool colors with a satin finish.

As a reference: Urban Decay Naked Heat or Marc Jacobs shadows are noticeably stronger pigmented (Juvia's Place shadows are on a different planet: Hourglass doesn't even come close) and keep their own color when blended (and are a tiny bit easier to blend).

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