Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo


Deborah A.
My new favorite

This is my new favorite lipstick. It’s creamy and smooth and lasts a very long time. The new lipstick tube caught my eye so I decided to try the hourglass lipstick since I love the HourGlass primer. The price was perfect for one lipstick and a refill and the beautiful sleek tube. I love the slant of the tube as it’s easier to apply in the corner of your lips and gives a straight line application, No need for liner.

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Bailey S.
Nuanced shades, gorgeous formula!

These lipsticks were everything I had hoped they would be - nuanced shades, and a gorgeous formula. They were moisturizing over time, didn't highlight texture, they felt like they "set" after a moment (almost like a gel) and lasted the better part of a day. The are definitely a new favorite.

Aida G.
Love the two shades

I love the Confession lipsticks and I have quite a few shades already but these two are lovely and the price is quite interesting as you get two colours. Creamy, pigmented, and elegant. Just love them