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Emily B.
Not worth the money for Brown girls/boys

This was my first Hourglass purchase. What a disappointment. If you’re darker than a Light complexion, this is not a worth while purchase, in my opinion.

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Dana S.
Beyond Amazed

Wow. I knew I would be somewhat impressed, as I have the mineral veil (a holy grail product) and the ambient powder. But I had no clue not only how great this palette is, but how versatile it is. I'm able to apply a finishing powder, brightening powder (even bake a Little), bronze, blush, and highlight all in one palette. And I fully LOVE each product. Just unbelievable the beautiful seamless application from one powder to the next and how it enhances your natural beauty without making you Look overly done.

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Hanh P.
Beautiful Palette but best for Fair to Light Complexions

I don't own any Hourglass products so this was my first purchase.

This is best for fair to light skin tones. You'd really have to build for medium skin tones for that bronzer. For deep tones, the bronzer serves as a finishing powder at best. And I'm not sure if those light finishing powders would look good on deep skin (might look oddly ashy, I don't know). Someone with deep skin would give the best review of this.

I tried this palette on with no foundation, just skincare, Tatcha primer and a little bit of concealer (I mean really a little not youtube little) under my eye. I put this all over my face for a very subtle look and it was perfect. I felt like I had a filter on my face.

A little goes a long way. The more you cake on the crazier you'll look. this is not for anyone who wants blinding highlight or doll-cheeks. If you're into minimalistic, sort of natural skin look, then this is perfect!

If you do not own existing shades (there are and if you are fair to light, this palette is great for you. You get a good introduction with a little bit of everything from Hourglass. This is also a great travel palette. Even though I wish the pan size was a little bit larger (to fit in my bigger brushes)I felt it was worth the steep price tag.

I docked a star (and was tempted to dock another) for not having enough of a range for deep skin tones. There should have been a second palette for med-deep skin tones.

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Chloe H.
Flattering for fair/light skin tones

I was hesitant at first as i am not ised to using highlighter (i have oily skin) and I thought the bronzer and rose blush might be too heavy for me. But now i use every one of this palette regularly. Love the setting powders and highlighter, luminates my skin in a healthy way even during mid day. The pink blush is so pretty. The rose blush was actually very nice esp if you layer it lightly. Gives a healthy glow. Love this so much esp since it is talc free.

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jill H.
Only can use 1 blush 😢
jill H.'s Review Image

This was my first hourglass palette that I’ve ever purchased and I was counting down the days until I received it. I love all of the powders and I wear them daily. I just think that somebody needs to get a hold of quality control so that pallets like this don’t get sent out to the public. My strobe blush and iridescent rose, second row middle pan, has hardly any blush pigment in it. It mainly consists of the strobe highlighter. It would’ve been worth the $80 if I was able to use all of the pans. Hopefully not many pallets like this exist because it is frustrating not being able to use it to its full potential

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Christine L.

This is my first hourglass face palette and it did not disappoint. I really love all of the shades and they are all useful for my skin tone (I was a little worried the bronzer wouldn't work because I'm fair/light). You wouldn't think a couple of powders could make your makeup look so much better, but the only thing I've changed in my routine is swapping out a few products so I can use my new palette and I've been having GREAT makeup days!

I am sad that hourglass only released one version of this product because it won't work for darker skin tones and I always thought Hourglass was BETTER than that. I hope all of the criticism hourglass has received about this product will be taken to heart and this mistake won't happen again.

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jessica O.
Where has this been all my life....
jessica O.'s Review Image

Seriously one of my favorite purchases of the entire year! And I review a LOT of makeup! I’ve always been a fan of the dim light finishing powder and wanted to try all the other powders so this was the perfect way to do it! You can see it in action -

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Dee dee O.
Favorite Makeup Purchase of All Time

Sometimes a product's high price is so worth it. Heard so many wonderful things about this that I steeled myself and made the splurge. I love how this makes my 59-year-old skin look radiant and healthy. You need so little of this product that I expect it will last a very long time.

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Sarah G.
Not worth the money

I got this based on RawbeautyKristi's recommendation. As I am extremely fair, this should show without issue. The problem is, the first application is so slight, that I have to keep building on the first swipe. The middle highlighter is so subtle, that you can barely tell I'm wearing anything. I just can't justify keeping this for one or two shades when it's 80 dollars! I have other products for less money that perform better. So this will be going back.

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Varvara D.
Expensive but very worth it

My first hourglass product and im blown away. Makes you nice and glowy without looking like you over did it.

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