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Skin Veil


Teri A.

My favorite foundation for personal use has always been the original formula of Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin Fusion foundation. The formula has been "improved" which is code for ruined, and luckily, I already knew Ellis Faas Skin Veil was a good dupe for the original formula. Skin Veil is imperceptible. Like, Guerlain's original Lingerie de Peau, it truly looks like a second skin. It doesn't pool into pores or emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. It wears very well for many hours. The reason I never chose it over my Guerlain was because it is a bit more drying and provides even less moisture. So if you are normal or dry, I advise you to make the most of your prep with a good moisture infusing serum. The coverage is light and if you have a breakout or dark circles you will have to use a separate concealing product to contend with it. It is worth the extra work to achieve the skin line finish of the product. So many products on the market now promise this kind of finish, but this one actually achieves it. If you want full coverage this is not your foundation.

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Becca B.
Love the product, hate the price

I'm extraordinarily picky with foundation. The "thin" trend is in as far as foundation texture goes, but (as people are finding out) those types of formulas highlight every. single. imperfection. Not this foundation! It's texture is thick and soft, but not heavy. Honestly, it *really does* look like skin. The limited shade range is a disappointment, but I did find one that is close enough for me that I'll stick with it. I have combo skin and found that the T-zone gets a bit shiny a few hours into the day, but that's nothing new. The price is ridiculous (criminal, really) so it pains me to love this product as much as I do.

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Marilyn  t.
over rated

I got this foundation and koh gen do. Price wise this is definitely more expensive as both are 30ml. For budget friendly ones, go for bourjois healthy mix. Medium coverage as well!

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Tina Q.

I have very dry skin and as a rule would never wear liquid foundation. However I decided to take the plunge after hearing Wayne's recommendations, and I must say I agree 100%. A minimal dusting of Ellis Faas powder followed by minimal application of the foundation works wonders. I keep it to the T-Zone, feathered lightly outwards. I use concealer on the medial aspects of the eyes only, as I am very fair and am lucky enough not to have dark circles. I do not require any further setting powder, though I do wear a setting spray. I have mature dry skin. Normally this is not the type of foundation I would buy, but I was and continue to be very pleased with the result, especially as I don't have to wear layers or heavier foundation. It is light, and settles into a second skin within minutes, so that I am not aware I am wearing it. Expensive? Definitely. Worth it? Every penny!

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