Studio Mineral Face Primer


Elize M.

Ive used this product everyday for 3 months. Immediate reactions were: Smooth, easy to apply, dont need too much. After using: Makeup lasted all day, my oil and shine were COMPLETELY gone, no irritation or breakouts. Overall, I love this product, it works well, makes makeup apllication effortless and keep your shine under control. The pump i hate. Needs to be in a tube so you can control better bc im sick of using the jaws of life trying to crack it open to get the considerable amount of product left behind after the pump can no longer get to it. & that will be approx. 2-3 weeks if u use everyday.

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Beauty D.
ELF Primer review

When we apply our makeup we want it to stay on our skin for a long time and still look fresh. To this end we need a primer to provide protection and a makeup base. These days we can buy primers for the face, eyes, eyelashes and lips. There are many to choose from so how do we find the perfect product? Today let’s talk about ELF face primer, a product which we’ve used almost everyday for a month.

When we apply our makeup we want it to stay on our skin for a long time and still look fresh. To this end we need a primer to provide protection and a makeup base. These days we can buy primers for the face, eyes, eyelashes and lips. There are many to choose from so how do we find the perfect product? Today let’s talk about ELF face primer, a product which we’ve used almost everyday for a month.

Reading the label we can see that it is composed of almost all natural ingredients with the exception of a small amount of parabens. Not a big deal since It’s very difficult to find any cosmetics that are 100% natural.

ELF primer comes in a spray bottle that is all white which makes it hard to tell how much has been used and the pump that is provided sometimes clogs making it a bit of a problem to control the amount of primer that is being applied.

As for the primer itself, ELF does it’s job very well. It is a colorless gel with a subtle but pleasant fragrance. It’s not oily on the face. It goes on smooth and hides any bumps or spots giving the face a fresh look. It’s easy to apply foundation or powder after ELF and makeup will last about 8-10 hours without running or staining the clothes. All in all we think ELF Face Primer is a fine product worthy of your consideration

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Mary Anne M.
Non-Greasy, Clear Gel Great for Oily Skin

I used this at the same time as I was using the more expensive Victoria's Secret VS PRO Airbrush FX Face Primer. The packaging between the two was largely the same, except in VS PRO's, you could see how much primer you have left, whereas the jar for e.l.f.'s was opaque so you had to guess how much product you had remaining. I knocked down my rating for the latter as well because the pump for e.l.f.'s primer actually broke off after about 2 weeks of use, so I had to keep scooping primer out of the bottle using a cotton swab.

Despite the packaging fluke (which I hope is all it was), this face primer is actually really nice on the skin, especially those who may have oily areas. I usually warm it by rubbing it between both my hands briefly and then patting it all over my face. This primer is lightweight and is in a clear gel formula, so after it's spread, it feels like nothing at all, hardly leaves a greasy feeling, and doesn't give a white or cool cast like NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer does. If you need color correction, this won't do, but if you only need a lightweight primer that won't contribute to excess sebum, this is a very affordable choice.

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Kristen A.
Great primer for the money!

This is the first primer I have tried and I have enjoyed it! It claims to combat oil and flakiness as well as reduce fine lines and enlarged pores. For me, it does help to keep my oiliness down but I still have to blot once a day. However, this is an improvement! I used to have to use two blotting papers per day and now I only have to use one. It has done a fabulous job of reducing the size of my pores while I wear it! I don't have flakiness issues so I can't say on that aspect, but it does a spectacular job of keeping my makeup on all day. I have noticed changes in my makeup and complexion since I started using this product and they are all good changes. I have acne-prone skin and this product has not broken me out! I only need to use half a pump to do my whole face. You get 14g of product for $6. In comparison to other primers, this primer is a bit greasy-feeling, so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Note: If you have adverse reactions to Silicone you should not use this product. The ingredients are silicone derivatives. Also, this product contains parabens. So if you prefer all-natural products, this isn't for you.

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El O.

This is a pretty good primer for 6 bucks, but I'm not in love with it. It mattifies your face when applied, but I didn't notice any oil control throughout the day. It does minimize pores and smooth skin. I think it extends the wear of foundation a bit but not massively so. It goes on clear so you get no color benefits. It feels pretty good on the skin. Honestly it's just kind of an average product.

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Dawn C.
Does the job.

This primer is a very good value. I apply it with a foundation brush only on my T-Zone and apples of my cheeks. It really does make my foundation or powder applications look much smoother.

The packaging however is a major disappointment. I was only able to use the pump one time before I had to un-screw the lid and scoop out the product. Due to the opaque container, you can't tell how much product is in the bottle.

As much as I do like the primer, I will not re-purchase unless the packaging is changed.

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Lisa U.
Not for oily skin.

I found this primer greasy and hard to get on with, it would benefit someone with dry skin more. It does work but I'm not personally a fan. Positives are that it has a pump and it does apply really easily.

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Kamaile R.
Horrible For Oily Skin

This primer only makes your face more oily. Maybe it will work for those who have dry skin, but for oily skinned people like me, it is a waste of $6. I would recommend the Clean and Clear Finishes Mattifiying Moisturizer for oily skin. It is only $6 at Target and lasts forever as a Primer! However, it doesn't moisturize very well, so you should probably moisturize beforehand.

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Krystal C.
Comparable to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - $30 cheaper!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I've been using the ELF Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer for about a year now, I also have a backup in my kit to use on clients as well. For only $6, this primer is fantastic! When I first started using it, it instantly reminded me of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, $36.00. I had a mini of the Smashbox primer a while back, so when I started using the ELF primer I knew I had to do a review on it eventually. I think it's amazing that the ELF primer is such a close dupe for the Smashbox primer that has been getting a lot of love on beauty blogs and YouTube, and it's only a fraction of the price! Word of advice, when you first purchase this primer, shake it up really well. When I first used it, I pumped out an oily substance, so after shaking it up, it's been a clear gel substance ever since. It has a light, clean scent but it doesn't last all day, so you don't need to worry about smelling like primer for hours. I have combination skin (oilier areas on my forehead, nose and chin, and dryer areas on my temples and cheeks) and this primer doesn't create more shine or oils. I has silica in it, so it applies very smooth and keeps your skin smooth all day.

Maria Y.

This product makes my face make up look flawless, it's like magic on my skin. I love this product, and especially a good combination with mac fix + to set you make up. So it is a essential product i go to, when i have an event i have to go to.