Studio Bronzers


Dana K.

This product is amazing, in my opinion, especially for the low price of $3.00. The packaging over all is great. It is so sleek. When you open it up you have a huge mirror. I sometimes use this mirror to do all of my makeup in the morning. The four colors you get are very pigmented. They are very smooth and not chalky. The two brown shades are great for contouring. If one day you want a very deep contour then use the darker brown. If you want a lighter, more subtle contour, then use the lighter brown. You can even combine them to get the perfect shade for you. The blush is a gorgeous deep coral with a warm undertone. You might even call it a light brown. The highlight is a matte cream color. I love this color to highlight my cheekbones. Overall this palette is a great buy. It is perfect for travel. You can just stick it in your purse and take it with you to school or work, or where ever you have to be. I love this palette and I am so happy I purchased it.

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Emma Kirstine K.
3 dollars! - Really?

This is really a good product for the price. The quality of this product is the most amazing, i have ever seen in a 3-dollar product. I have not tried a product which could battle this one. I love how this compact houses 4 colors you can swirl together, or use seperately. Personally the two bottom shades i swirl together for all over bronze. the top-right shade is for contour, and it fits my light skin perfectly, even though it's that dark, because it's so blendable. The top-left shade i mainly use for my brow-highlight (so natural looking using matte highlighting for brows) -or swirled together with the bottom-left shade for a tan-ish blush. I have already repurchased this twice. The packedging is nothing fancy, but doesn't seem cheap either. The mirror is huge, that says a lot. Doesn't get any better than this ! Need of a matte bronzer ? -try this, it will suit the palest skin tones, and even the darker tones ! Looooove ! <3 <3 <3

Kristina O.
best bronzer i've used

I love the cool bronzer even more than the blush/bronzer duo. Since it matte, it looks really natural and is perfect for contouring. It's not orange or anything, more a nice warm brown. I'll definitely keep buying this.

No Longer Available D.
Love this Matte Bronzer!
No Longer Available D.'s Review Image

I have been using this Matte Bronzer since I've gotten it! I've heard that the other ones are a bit shimmery. But I don't know that for sure because I don't own them. I was afraid that this bronzer was going to be orange looking on me and it totally wasn't. When you mix all the colors you get a really pretty matte bronze. It's great for contouring and to give your face a nice color! It stays on all day and doesn't fade! LOVE IT! I love the packaging and the price!

Andii J.

it gives the perfect amount of colour its so pigmented and its gorgeous! i love using it to just define my cheekbones it make me look really nice i really recommend this

Drea L.

This has got to be one of my favorite bronzers. I don't use all 4 colors together, but I use them separately a lot. Plus, they're all matte. I love that. :D - Works well for sculpting, blush & even a nice matte highlight. It's so convenient for me.

Stacey L.

The cool bronzer is matte so it doesnt look like a highlighter like people claim the other ones as. So i suggest to get this shade if your not looking for a highlighter because this one does look like a bronzer and when you mix it , it has a nice brownish pinkish shade

Ida o.

This is an everyday product for me. i love it, it's cheap and it's stays on all day long . it is easy to apply and it gives a gorgeous natural color :)

Janie L.

I have all 3 of the studio bronzers and they are okay. They are a bit shimmery so you do have to use them lightly. The warm bronzer is perfect for my complexion and the cool is nice for contouring. Great product for $3