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Crystal G.

Such a nice color! it also has a bit of a sparkle to it but it still manages to look nice enough to wear on an everyday basis. I had this at home and my sister liked it so much that she bought one for herself. It's also really low in cost.

Amanda D.

Another product that I purchased during the 50% off sale was this blush. I did a quick finger swatch. Flash did not pick up colour truthfully as much as I had hopped. http://yfrog.com/obmgehj:tw1 (third finger)

I am a fan when it comes to blushes and I am picky when it comes to them. This blush is super pigmented and transfers onto your blush brush wonderfully. I do not find it too chalky but a lot of product does pick up on the brush quickly, so be generous when applying.

I love the shimmer in the blush and I am 100% impressed with the product. Not only was the price amazing but I am glad that the product delivered above and beyond my expectations.

I will be purchasing more elf blushes in the future. Packaging is also very sleek and has a small mirror inside.

: )

Louise P.
Great product for a great price

I wanted to try a bright blush without spending a lot of money and this was perfect. It's highly pigmented which I was pleasantly surprised to see! I'll definitely be buying more!

Brittany D.
Photo of product included with review by Brittany D.

this has to be the best blush from elf ever made. i love the sparkles and the pink color! it goes well against any skin color! this canbe work with an everyday neautral look if u LIGHTLY apply it. i have three of these blushes and love each and every one of them!!!

Cindy G.
love 'em

Incredible for the price. I've actually been collecting them :) I love them so much, they're so pigmented & easy to blend. I like wearing neutral shades on my lips & eyes & going crazy with these blushes lol. Fuschia Fusion is one of my favorites ^_^

Ashley E.
Happily Surprised.

This was my first order with e.l.f. and at three dollars per blush, I ordered them all. I was more than surprised at how highly pigmented each color is and how smoothly they apply to skin. My favorite swatch is the "Fuschia Fusion". It is a bit glittery, but the perfect amount for some occasions. The "Candid Coral" swatch has a great glow. It is not too bronzy, like a lot of gold products. My third favorite is the "Gotta Glow". I use this as a highlighter on lighter olive skin tones. I would highly recommend these blushes to anyone, especially for the price.

Ashleigh W.
Sweet Deal

This blush is very good for the low price of $3. It is very pigmented (at least the few I have tried) and comparable to higher end brands. It allows for a natural color with a hint of shimmer allowing for a slight glow to the skin.

Andii J.
Amazing! ...Nars did you say? :P

they are so like Nars Blushes, just a little more powdery and shimmery but the one thing i love is...a bright hot pink MATTE blush...now thats hard to find so pleased with this they are super majorly uber pigmented so a light hand is needed

Holly I.

As much as i love the colour, it comes out soo glittery. I can swatch my finger over this once and it full of glitter. The colour however is gorgeous it's a pretty bright pink colour. The only disappointment was the glitter, not one i would wear on a everyday basis.

Jazmyn M.
To much glitter >.<

I wanted to try a bright pink, so i picked up this one. its highly pigmented and silky applys great but i wish that there wasnt so much glitterrrrrr and its not like fine sparkle its straight up glitter -_-. so if you dont like glitter i say pass on this one.