Brightening Eye Liner


Elaina Y.

I actually purchased 2 of these liners, one in Ash and one in Coffee. Ash was the huge disappointment for me because by the time I got it in the mail, the pencil was completely dried out. I don't even know how it's possible for a new liner to just completely dry out, but it did. I even tried sharpening it (thinking that it might just be the outter layer) but still nothing. The liner in the shade Coffee still works, but I don't really like the shade, it's a bit too light for a dark brown (which is what thought the shade was from the picture on ELF.com) it has a red tone to the colour which I don't like for my fair and Asian skin. Even though these are cheap products, I don't really recommend this. I think you will be able to find anyother cheap pencil liner at the drugstore that will give you better results.