Dita Von Teese

Eau de Parfum


Kaitlin K.
Sexy, but not stuffy.

I love perfume, but I have severe asthma/allergies that limits a lot of the fragrances I can use. Because of this limitation, I've found myself lacking in the "sexy" perfume department. I'm often turned off by the stuffiness of a lot of sexy perfumes—they feel like something an aging lounge singer would wear. That, or something for a stripper in a movie (not that there's anything wrong with strippers, movies or not—it's just not the vibe I'm going for in my own scent search).

This scent is neither of those things. It smells like Old Hollywood, but not like old women. I don't think of my grandmother when I smell it. It's sexy, but still playful. If this perfume were a character in a movie, it'd be the dangerous yet sweet woman who's revealed as the femme fatale in the third act.

And best of all, no allergic reaction!

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