Diamond File For Foot Calluses #20


Melanie C. Team
makes rough feet smooth

I'm still bummed I can't find my Diamancel Foot File.....it literally was the best thing to happen to my feet. Years of dancing caused my feet to have some rough heels and calluses (also in part to my dad's genes, thanks Pops!) and this was one of the best foot files I have EVER used. It is super easy to use but will last you for a very long time and definitely smoothed down the rough spots very quickly. I loved how sleek it is and it made packing into a suitcase a breeze....which is also probably how I lost mine. Right now I am making do with a foot file I found at Sally's but I would re-buy this in a heartbeat!

Gabs G.
I don't get the hype.

Yes it's good, but you can find something equally as good at Sally's for a fraction of the price.