Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara

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Minjee Y.
want natural looking lashes? this is the mascara for you

this mascara is very good at lengthening so I give cover girl that much because it seriously does lengthen. What I find is that this formula weighs my lashes down. Yeah of course it makes them a lot longer but they are long and heavy to the point where I have to recrimp my lashes which is a pain in the butt.

Hannah H.
Good Starter

I just started to wear makeup so I wanted something simple a not to clumpy. This is a great mascara for getting started. It doesn't add to much length, but it doesn't clump, and it drys really nicely without and messes. I definitley reccomend it if you are starting to wear makeup or if you want your child to start wearing makup. I loved this product!

Steph L.
One of my Faves

I absolutely love this mascara. I wear it once in a while like if I'm going out shopping with my mom or when I'm at work. It lasts me the whole day with out flaking off. My eyelashes look longer and thicker. This mascara also makes my eyelashes look darker. I highly recommend this mascara to anyone!

Aislin M.

I really love this product - does everything I need it to do! Nice natural lashes after one coat and a little more definition and length with two. I'm definitely going to repurchase this one - it is my every day mascara

Cortney S.
1 of the best drugstore brands i've come across.

Although 16 bucks is a little pricey for a drugstore brand mascara, I think this is totally worth it. It goes on smooth and is a nice rich color. It has long lasting staying power even without my mascara primer. Perfect for what I like which is a lot of length. I highly recommend this mascara!

Christina L.
So so

I wouldn't say this mascara is incredible, but it's not bad either. I love long lashes but hate using false lashes. I think they look way too obvious, fake and don't work for many situations. I just prefer something more natural. But this does give decent volume and a curl. The color pay off is good too.