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Queeine Z.
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我的第一盘ByTerry眼影盘,希望这盘如同byterry的眼影笔一样好用吧!坦白说,ByTerry的眼影笔非常好用!这一盘的价格比单支的眼影笔要贵,我实在是有点担心呢! This is the first time I've come here to shopping. I like it very much and I'll come back again. Thank you.

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Feroza A.

I thought this was a fantastic buy for byTerry. Perhaps since I have oily lids, the performance has been really super for me, and for $42.00, really inexpensive for the quality and the amount of colours you get from the brand. I’ve used the line for a good many years now, and was impressed by this palette, the shades would suit most skin tones, and it was neutral without being boring. Recommend!

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Dawn M.
Easy glow

I don't usually like metallics and I tend to prefer a really natural look. This palette is perfect for that. When I first used it I put them on and thought that the pigmentation was not good. It seemed too light. When I was finished I stepped back and looked and was really impressed. The colors looked really beautiful.....a glow without flashing too metallic. I tried a couple of other color combinations and become more in love. If you like complicated looks where you see a bunch of color gradients.....skip this. If you like a fast easy natural look that make your eyes sparkle.....this is for you. Use the brush that comes with it or's the perfect size for the palette.

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Susan L.
So far I'm loving it.

The mat shades take a little building up but blend beautiful. The shimmers are really beautiful dry or wet. The darkest shade doesn't really show up on me as a liner. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is a little difficult to get your brush into the square shape. But overall reallly like it!

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Michele W.
Great Shimmers, decent mattes

I love the shade range in this palette. I think you can create a really lovely neutral look with a little kick. I gave this palette 4 stars instead of 5 because I don't like how narrow the area is for the outer square/matte shades are. It's tough to get a blending brush in there. Also, the center, taupe matte shade is also very faint and not very pigmented. Other than that, I like this palette and think I'll be grabbing it for everyday looks. I have a demo/review on my channel if you're interested:

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Dina K.
A bit disappointing

I hadn't seen or read any reviews before buying this palette, so I opened the package with high hopes. First thing that struck me was how small the palette is. I don't know, I thought it'll be bigger. The pans are small making it difficult to get the color on your brush. The matte shades are ... alright. Nothing special. The shimmers in the middle though, are beautiful. I didn't use any primer, the wear time is approximately 6 hours. After that colors all meshed together. The three stars are mainly for the shimmers. Otherwise, palette is just ok. $42 is a high price tag for it.

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Rebekah S.

I was so excited for this to arrive, I hoped the mattes would be pigmented and lovely like in the Preciosity Parti-Pris palette, but unfortunately they are not. The matte shades are very sheer and somewhat dusty, I had to build and build to get them to be visible on my NW15 skin. The dark brown matte on the far right end was the best, it applied ok, but I still had to supplement a dark shade from another palette to define my outer V. The shimmers are gorgeous...complex and buttery but without fallout, however, they just do not last on my eyes no matter what primer I use. Two hours after application, the shimmer had nearly faded completely, I even tried wearing them over glitter glue and using a setting spray. Inglot Duraline was the best to make them last, I had to mix and with the Duraline and use a flat, stiff, synthetic brush to pat onto my moveable lid.. The pan design, while pretty, was kind of a pain. The inner squares are quite tiny (smaller than a dime) and the outer matte squares made It hrd for me to dip in any sort of blending brush bigger than a Hakuhodo j5529. The packaging is platic and feels rather cheap...I’m just not in love with this palette overall. It had lots of potential, but in the end just didn’t deliver.

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