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BY TERRY Detoxilyn City Mask product smear.


Detoxilyn City Mask


About Detoxilyn City Mask

A fresh, fizzing and surprising sensorial mask to reoxygenate the skin. Effervescent micro-bubbles that capture oxygen from the air to diffuse it into the skin and ensure high oxygenation.

Millions of Native Cells of Alpine Rose for exceptional anti-pollution and oxygenating action, to reactivate, purify, balance and deeply revitalize the skin.

A true glow booster, this anti-pollution mask protects the skin from exterior elements as it instantly infuses it with oxygen, hydration, and radiance to provide it with freshness and vitality on a daily basis. Its formula contains Alpine Rose Native Cells enriched with an essential mineral complex to preserve the skin's fundamental mechanisms with anti-oxidant, anti-radical and oxygenating actions. Concentrated in an anti-pollution peptide, it protects the skin from every day polluting substances as is freshens, clarifies and evens out the skin. Its gel texture with effervescent micro-bubbles transforms into a divinely creamy, airy foam. The pores are instantly tightened and the skin texture unified and smoothed.

How To Use

Apply generously two to three times per week to dry skin, avoiding the eye contour. Massage with light circular strokes and leave on until the crackling effect stops. Massage again and rinse with water until the bubbles are completely removed.

Key Ingredients
  • Alpine Rose & Mineral Complex: Detoxifies
  • Acerola extract: Anti-Oxidant
  • Moringa extract: Anti-Pollution
Other Details
  • Size: 80 ml