Benefit Cosmetics

Eye Bright


Lori C.
Good Brightening Tool

If your looking for a quick brightening tool you have found it but it does take some time to get use to know how to use it and where to use it. Its a very Pale Pinky Color and its a Matte I have used it under my Brow, and even above my Brow, and you have to learn how to blend it out I used a small blending bud to blend it out, and in the corners of my eyes, and also in the water line, that really opened up my eyes for sure I also used it as a top eyeliner, that also opened up my eyes Wow that was really dramatic but looked beautiful, so you really have to play with it and when you put this in the corner of your eyes really blend it because if you just pencil it in it will really look cakey so Blending is a MUST!!! I Like it and I'm glad I purchased it but like I said you really have to learn how to use it so you really have to play around with it for awhile.