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Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter


Georgia L.
Love it!

Does what it is meant to do, makes my skin dewy and bright and healthy looking. You only need the smallest amount, but that's where it only gets four stars for me - the pump system is great but it is impossible to control how much product comes out, and it's nearly always too much. This means you will be slowly wasting product bit by bit. Having said that, it is a big bottle and will take a while to get through!

Zara P.
I am in AWE

I cant say enough good things about this product. Honestly all i read was positives about it but what made me really want to purchase is my true influencer has always been Lisa Eldridge. Her take and review on it made me jump to the decision of purchasing it. I really trust her opinion and expertise. I habe nothing bad to say about it. From packaging to pay off to effect.. its just gorgeous. Mary lou is a teenie bit yellow on me. Hence this shade of highlighter proved perfection for my skin tone. I have tried it on my friends as well who are a couple of shades darker than me.. and it looks equally beautiful. Believe it not i ACTUALLY look like "lit from with in" Have had soo many compliments from everyone whenever i wear it. And i just love looking at myself in the mirror and doing checkups after every hour when i wear it just in appreciation of the product. Its a Must Have in every girls makeup bag. Mix it with foundation, put it under your foundation, or over as a highlighter... "sigh" its just stunning and looks extremely glamarous without looking over the top.

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Allison R.
Great highlighter, not worth the price tag!

I love this highlighter. It is dewy and doesn't dry out my skin and doesn't have glitter in it. However, it doesn't last long. I have to layer a powder highlight on top for it to last an evening. For how much it costs, to me it should last longer and be able to stand on it's own. You do get a lot of product and a little goes a long way, but I still think it is overpriced as there are cheaper comparative products out there. I also don't feel that it mixes that well with foundation, and i have tried it with 6 or 7 different foundations. Lots of reviews say otherwise, though, so it could just be me I guess!

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Michelle W.
A life saver for dry skin!

I have dry skin and no matter how much I moisturize, I don't glow. This product gives my face radiance without looking like I was attacked by glitter. I also mix this with my foundation and the results are beautiful. I'm a medium skin tone (more on the light end of the medium spectrum) and found that I liked the look of Moonstone over Opal. Minus one star because the pump and me never seem to agree on how much product I need.

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Carol T.
Liquid gold

I got this a while ago and I mix it with matte foundations,it performs beautiful and I really like it.Also I apply it as my highlight under powder highlight and as a body glow mixed with my body butter and lotions.

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Heather H.

This is my favorite thing ever, I mix it w my foundation, I apply it under & over the dew is real. I avoid my large pore area (right by my nose) bc it emphasizes my pores but I like that area matte anyways.

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