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Ombré Rouge Eye Palette


Claire M.
Not worth it
Photo of product included with review by Claire M.

Pros: *no issues with my hypersensitive skin *extremely natural looking shades *nice packaging - pallet containing the product is sturdy and sleek.

Cons: *colors are too similar to each other - the picture on here shows more range between shades than the actual product offers. When applied, the four lighter shades are so boring. It photographs better than it applies. *fallout everywhere, very very powdery and dry. *I have a drugstore pallet which is quite similar, offers a better range of shades with similar formulation, and it cost $10.

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Ildiko S.
Small and perfect!

Blends like a dream. Beautiful neutral-warm colors. Perfect for travel. Great as a present for mother or friends.

Clair B.
Gorgeous and versatile!
Photo of product included with review by Clair B.

I love this palette! I used it on a friend with a gold loose shimmer from MAC with great results. She's a rock/goth kinda girl and she looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled out this earth toned palette but she loved the result. The colors have great payoff!

PS. I'm not a pro MUA. I do my friends makeup for fun, but I think this style is called "Halo" eye? You put the darker matte color on either side and the shimmer in the middle. It's really pretty and works especially well on people with a lot of lid space.

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Kristine G.
My FAVORITE Eye Palette!

I absolutely LOVE this Ombre Rouge Eye Palette. The shadow goes on like silk and they all blend so easily with one another. I am one that believes you get what you pay for, and this palette is most definitely worth the investment. The neutral shades can be worn for a lighter look for day, or a more dramatic look for evening.

Teri A.
Essential Palette

This is one of my top 5 favorite palettes, and considering how often I grab it, it ranks #2. It's just an effortless combination of shades that are super versatile. I love the pigment and find myself lining and smoking with three of the shades. They blend beautifully, but are a bit dusty in the pan. I don't get fallout so that is a plus. I've even contoured with the middle shade in a pinch. Worth the $ and I hope they keep this in the line permanently .

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Stephany T.
Blends like a dream!

Okay, I'll be honest. I got this in my Lucky Bag this year and I was not excited about it at all. I didn't think it was too exciting and I have so many other shadows in these colors so I didn't use this for months. About a month ago I needed some matte shadows to try a different approach to my eye looks with my very hooded eyes so I grabbed this palette. Holy moly, this has become my favorite matte palette! These shadows are so soft, buttery, pigmented, and they blend like an absolute dream! I have trouble blending shadows sometimes but not with these! As mentioned before, these shadows are very soft so make sure you tap off any excess product before applying! The colors in here make my blue eyes pop like you wouldn't believe! Becca has definitely nailed it with these shadows and I hope they come out with more palettes!

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Kelly M.
The Best Palette I Own

I was never an eyeshadow person until I got this palette. The shades are more interesting than your usual browns & neutrals and they bring out the hint of hazel-ness to my eyes that I desperately try to enhance. They're a little powdery, but the payoff and blendability of them is amazing. It's the newest palette to my makeup collection but I've already used it more than all of my other palettes combined. The best $40 I've spent in a while!

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Laura K.
Perfect every day palette

I got this in my Lucky Bag in January. I never would have purchased it myself because it doesn't look all that exciting. It is though a perfect every day neutral look palette and I find myself using it all the time. Sometimes these neutral type palettes are too orange for my taste, but this is one I will use all the time. A couple of the shadows are a little powdery, but they are the lighter shades that I use pretty much everywhere. These shadows blend really well and nothing every looks harsh or patchy. I plan on packing only this palette when I travel next.

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Dawn O.
Great palette!!!

A little powdery but so worth it. I look forward to more eyeshadow palettes from becca. I love the colors they chose and have been using it every day since I received it and I have a lot of eyeshadow

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Ann S.
Naturally Glorious!

When I was a teen, the beauty magazines all focused on "the natural look. " Not to give away my age, but the style then was to appear like you weren't wearing makeup and were magically oerfect. Then the 80s came around and bright blue eye shadow with tons of blush and a magenta lip was in-natural was out. The 90s was a transition period, typically with one area highlighted, either lips or eyes. Shine was more important than color.

And now we have the perfect makeup decade. We wear beautiful colors, we know about blending and tools, we can wear green lipstick or neutral eyes. We have so much to choose from, and everybody can find their own style. Technique is shared. I really wish I was young now to take advantage, but glitter and sparkles don't look well on a woman in her 50s, (although I have been known to wear purple lipstick.)

What does this have to do with the Becca palette? Well, it is full of beautiful colors, perfect for everyday, whether you are young or older. The colors are subtle but earthy and exotic at the same time, like the 70s and 00s. They are finely milled, beautifully pigmented, and there is no fallout. The colors lead to each other, light to dark, like a line of lovely ducklings. You can keep them light or deepen them for smoke. They will go with every skin tone. It has already replaced my favorite Naked neutral pallet. Basically, this palette is timeless.

If you need a palette that is great for work, or just the old 70s natural look, maybe want something for your daughter to get started, want to create light and shadows, or just enjoy plain beautiful colors, this is it. It's my favorite now.

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