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Luna L.

People are not kidding when they talk about how great the beauty blender is. It is soft and blends foundation, concealer, contour etc like a dream. This set is an amazing value as well because the beauty blender in $20 on it's own and you receive 2 beauty blenders plus the cleanser. It;s like paying for 2 blenders and getting a cleanser for free. I have tried various dupes and there is not one that matches the durability and texture of the beauty blender. The cleanser is also amazing and gets all the makeup off of the blenders and make them look new again.

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Kelly C.
Best beauty tools ever

i heard this beauty tools good review long long back, initially its was hard for me to purchase as I couldn't justify spending $20 on a sponge. But i had fed up with other brand so i decided to try beauty blender. After i purchase the original beauty blender from beautylish, Its was amazing. It really does make foundation look more natural, it doesn't leave any lines like a brush sometimes does. It is awesome for blending out concealer! It does apply liquid foundation quite sheerly but you can definitely build with it. This worth for every penny of money. Thumbs up for this beauty tools.

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Monica Z.

Really like these sponges. It makes my foundation amazingly fit my skin! 名副其实地好!花几十刀买个蛋很值很值!

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Jamie L.
Colour Bleeds

I really didn't like how much PINK was coming from the sponge. so gross It was super soft and blends well but wow! so much dye

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Erin P.
Good value

Nice to get two blenders at once so I can always have a clean one, for the price it practically makes the cleaner free.

Ashley H.

I love the BB. I have used the ulta brand blenders and they are good but the BB has a very unique texture. It blends my makeup beautifully. In other stores the blender alone is 20$ so this was basically getting the cleanser for free which made it a deal I had to get.

Denise H.
Love beauty blenders

I already loved this product. But two blenders and the blender cleanser for only 40 seemed like a deal for me . I needed a new one now I have two!!! Yay 😊

Jessica B.

I never wanted to use one of this until I was recommended this product by my makeup artist teacher! Wow, I love how the product goes in your skin. It really works, it does not leave a streak or lines like the brushes. Your skin looks beautiful and enhanced by the way this little sponge works the product. I am in love with this and will be a forever fun!!!!

Gilda A.

I had my doubts about this for too long and didn't want to pay so much for a sponge. it is amazing for blending foundation or concealer into your skin, before owning this i always used my fingers for my concealer, after i tried this, i use my beauty blender every morning for my concealer.t it looks flawless, non-streaky with even coverage.

Celine C.
Beauty blender is the real deal

To whoever says that a cheap sponge does the same job as beauty blenders- you are completely wrong!! Beauty blenders are the best at blending your foundation and concealer flawlessly, as well as baking your undereyes or pressing loose powder into the oily areas of your face. This set is a great deal as well- 100% recommend!!!