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Create Your Summer Look with beautyblender


LOVE this!
DEBORAH S.'s Review Image

I love these fun colors of beautyblender. The orange is my fave! I have tried all different knock off brands but nothing works as well. it is amazing!!!

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Maria Paz P.
In love with the product and its colors 😻

It's a very good deal! Love the bright colors and the quality of this sponges is the same as the original beautyblender. Definitely recommend!!

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randi g.

I absolutely love the bright colors of this set. The neon yellow did lose some of its color after washing (bled a little), but the color is still very much in tact. I have several beauty sponges, but none compare to the beautyblender. If you love them as much as I do, get this set because it's a great deal.

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Lula V.
Not impressed at all

I have always used Real Technique's beauty blender but I decided to try these ones instead. I have not even paid fully for this order (installments) and I already had to throw away the pink one. I personally wash my blenders after every application, and when I washed the pink BB it started to bleed and chunks of it started to fall after just 3 weeks, I used the same soap and method I use with my RT's beauty sponge and this never happened with those :( . The application is good but honestly so is the Real Technique's and it's $7. The only reason I did not give it one star is because I like the colors.

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Abigail M.
Blends Perfect!

Obviously these days a beauty blender is a standard in everybody's make-up bag, it's the easiest blending tool to use and has never let me down in that regard. I used the little orange one first and when I wet it before use I noticed it let off a lot of the orange color, and it had a very strong "manufactured tropical' scent to it. However none of the color transitioned on my skin and the smell eventually dissipated. It did its job perfectly. For this reason I'd say it's definitely a bargain to buy this product!

Chelsea R.
Love these!

Love the colours. Also a good deal if you're someone who loves the beautyblender :) Totally worth it