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Kalena N.
Perfect Applicator

First off, GET A BEAUTY BLENDER. Get it. I didn't want to spend so much money on a sponge. So I got the Real Techniques doupe and was sorta satisfied. But my makeup still felt sorta wet after. ( I use MUFE in 128 Almond.) I even used different primers from MUFE and the Too Faced Pure and original. But it always felt as if it could come off. Even with setting spray.

BUT THIS. This is AMAZING. It made my make up look flawless. And dry. AND DRY! It's a must buy. It's worth the money. And the soap bar for it is great too. I wouldn't use it for brushed honestly. But for the beauty blender? It's amazing. Beauty blender = HOLY GRAIL.

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Tori S.
Feels so good on the face!

First time using the beauty blender I was amazed at how it expands to double its size when wet. The sponge is super soft and feels amazing when used with cold water. I also use the solid cleanser to clean my makeup brushes.

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Terry L.
Must have!

This little awesome tool is what every makeup lovers must have! At first, im sure everyone thinks of whats so special about a sponge that cost $20.00. It apply your foundation like a dream! your skin will look flawless. I have tried some of the dupes that people were talking about, but NONE will compare. All the other dupe sponge is very tuff with little flexibility to it and feels like you are pounding your own face. Sure it might apply the same, but the beauty blender will make your foundation look smooth and healthy. You have to use it dampen, and if its too will drag your foundation and make it look patchy. I always use a towel after to squeeze it after wringing it out. The beauty blender makes it so fast and easy to apply any product. I will use it with liquid foundation, concealer, and powder. Its the best product that every makeup lover needs.

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Deming C.
New necessity for me

This is the best way I've found to apply cream/liquid foundations and concealers. I've tried everything - expensive brushes, just using my fingers, and even beautyblender knock offs...but this thing is amazing. By using this in a stippling motion, it quickly blends pristinely well while maintaining full coverage. It's easy to use and the solid cleaner is awesome for not only the beautyblender but all my brushes. I can't live without this anymore!

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