Anna Sui

Loose Powder


Ncy L.

I got this on shade 200, i love how it correcting my uneven tone skin, the purple-ish color does that! the textures are so silky, very smooth you wont even notice that you wear loose powder. The packaging is so pretty, a gothic sexy theme really caught my eyes! i collect most of Anna Sui products, not just because the packaging, but the products are so good too! Anna Sui Fragrance also my fave..the packaging are cute too!

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Cleo H.

I've always known Anna Sui for fashion but never makeup until Beautylish, well thank god for Beautylish. I'm half black and half south Asian Indian, and unfortunately I've inherited my mum's deep yellow almost golden undertones. I'm always struggling to find something that mutes what I call my aggressive goldeness (especially in the winter time when others are dull, I'm super bright), that doesn't leave me looking flat. Most yellow based finishing products either make me look even more yellow/gold, or leaves me flat and white looking. This has no whitening effect that you can get with a lot of Asian brands even though this is huge in Asia from what I understand. Wow, this product is it. It instantly toned down the gold, but the little micro simmers kept me from being flat looking. I'm almost tempted to buy another one as a backup, but with as little of this as is used, I probably won't need it for a long time. I hate the packaging, it's a bit awkward and a little too cutesy for me and I'm terrified I'll knock it over in my already overstuffed bathroom, but it's worth it. If you have hyper yellow skin or undertones, you need this in your life.

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Ixzayana G.
In LOVE❤️ with this powder

I absolutely love this loose powder the packaging is great has a flowery sent which I don't mind perfect for setting your foundation or concealer. It's my new holy grail product!!!

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Lucy J.
Love the roses...

Stop and smell the roses.. This is the first impression of this amazing powder... FYI I use it for my whole body... Gives me the true rose smell not very overwhelming but nice enough for a office/professional environment .. I highly recommend this for people who likes natural and organic products.. It works as a multipurpose product love it... Get multiple compliments on a daily basis ... Will keep repurchasing over and over again 😘

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Julie K.

I received Anna Sui Loose Powder for birthday gift a couple years ago and I really liked it. My sister loved it too. So I ordered two for my sister and myself this time. I jut got it and can't wait till I use it!!! You should definitely try it!! And I know you'll love it as well!!

Morgan  M.

I really like the powder itself, it has a beautiful smell. To me it smells like baby powder and roses, if there was a perfume in this smell it would be my everyday scent. The powder itself is awesome. Its got a little shimmer, I was worried about the purple but it showed up translucent and made my skin look amazing even without any foundation. My one complaint with this product is the way the powder itself is held. Its in this strange cardboard circle you have to cut the top paper out of and its hard to get a nice edge and make the inside look as nice as the outside.

Younjin L.
Just right amount of shimmer

Applying lavender shimmer on my face? Initially, I was opposed to putting anything shimmery on my face. But, I was drawn to the lovely scent of the product and I am very glad I did. Yes, it is shimmery, but not overwhelming. It just provides right amount of shimmer where needed. I am using this product with Wayne Goss Holiday Brush - the puff tend to be too coarse and hard to clean. It brightens up my face whenever I feel dull. Of course, I can't complain about the rose scent which, I find quite soothing.