Anna Sui

Lip Balm


Jay B.

i luv this lip balm soooo much it moisturises your lips really well and last for a long time i really recommend this lip balm sooo good. Whene it came to bying this product i was a bit nervous because if you want a lip blam this pricey you've got to have a good by. But i dont no what all of the fuss was about because in the end it turnrd out to be an amazing product.

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Brenda B.

This is an expensive lip balm, but is very hydrating and lasts for hours! The scent 'n flavor is so nice! You will want to get an extra for a friend as well after trying!! You will fall in love with it as much as I have, I'm sure!!

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Christina C.

This is a great lip moisturizer! I love it! My lips feel great and look great too! i would definitely recommend this anybody looking for a quality lip balm or moisturizer.

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Faye R.

Although I haven't used this lip balm, my best friend did and she said it was absolutely incredible! (I sent it to her for our friend-aversary) she said that it was very smooth and light without feeling greasy or clumpy. I recommend this to anyone who likes cute, but effective lip balms

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