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Lip Palette

How To Use: Lip Palette


Jazmine W. Team
Freelance MUA Must-Have

If you freelance, this is a kit must-have. Formula is super buttery and mixes very easily on a palette. We all know it’s so hard finding the perfect lip for yourself, let alone someone else, so having the power to mix and create a custom lipstick for a client is indispensable. Plus, I love how much of a space saver this is for me. It’s seriously so much easier than lugging sixty lipsticks plus any toppers and glosses that are needed for any given client.

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Wilma O.
Amazing product!

It is a very versatile product and very useful for makeup artists. It is an all in one. I give A +, I love it. No more giant loads of lipstick for me because here I create the color you need.

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