Almay Intense I - Color Powder Shadow


Angela V.

I like this but Im kinda silly, I only like the grey and the pink.. My mom buys these all the time and she uses the dark color and when she is out of them she gives me the pink.. I like the pink shadow I think its nice and light and wears well.

Chelsea T.
Just don't like the colors.

Almay makes good products, their color choice is just off! The product itself is buildable so you're able to make it as light or as dark as possible, save the darkest shade, that one is a bit heavy and to get it light only about two hairs on your brush get to have pigment on them. With this specific palette though it's almost as if the pink shade was so light that it didn't look like I put anything on where as the darkest shade was so heavy it looked like I was in a bar fight. It was definitely a balancing act trying to get this trio to work for me. Also I'm not a fan of the silver color at all. It just didn't look very nice on me.