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Aug 17, 2013

Kealey L.

I get them that long by growing them. I use Sally hansens maximum strength every single day and Sally Hansens miracle growth once a week. Everytime I paint them I use a base coat. Frequently use a nail brush to scrub underneath, always use this Sally's pink cuticle pen to soften them then push them back. Never wear false nails or acrylics and just look after them x

Aug 16, 2013

Yanitza B.

I hope that girl didn't scare you off from being a youtube beauty guru. A beauty guru is self proclaimed just so you know. You can become one start small and than get bigger and bigger. That's how they all start off with just an idea to be something and help others. I'm a beauty guru as well I don't have a lot of subscribes but I do love the ones I have. Good luck hope you become what you want to be.

Aug 16, 2013

Sarah K.


Hey everyone. How are you all? Well, I love harry potter, percy jackson, fashion, and beauty

Penelope Faye R.

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