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  • Color-Correcting Your Complexion

    Color-Correcting Your Complexion

    Pimples, dark circles, or sallow skin? When it comes to camouflaging uneven tones, there’s nothing like color-correcting makeup—if you use it the right way. Keep reading as we break down how each hue conceals different skin issues.

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  • Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

    Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

    Invited to a party on All Hallow’s Eve but don’t have the proper outfit? Not a problem.

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  • How Do You Use Highlighters?
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    How Do You Use Highlighters?

    Highlighters, or illuminators, are great for opening up your eyes and giving your skin a luminescence and glow, like supermodels in magazine ads. They can show off your best assets, and create cheekbones and brighter, healthier-looking skin. Choosing the right highlighter and knowing where to apply it is essential in achieving the best results, so we spoke with a makeup artist to learn her tricks of the trade.

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  • What To Eat for a Whiter, Brighter Smile
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    What To Eat for a Whiter, Brighter Smile

    Looking for a fast and cheap way to keep your teeth pearly white? You’re in luck! Beautylish rounded up easy au naturel treatments you can try at home.

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