Beauty Product Reviews

Outstanding product!

This is probably my favorite product from Tarte, and maybe even my favorite makeup product in all, because it works SO well!! If I forget to put this on for a day, my face gets oily and my makeup runs. When I wear this powder, my makeup stays ALL DAY and night!! I did my makeup today at 8am, it's now after 9pm and it looks just as good as it did this morning. This product is fantastic, I will continue to buy it! Way to go Tarte!

Pass on this one

I just can't with this's enormous! Like, so big, that it's too big for my eyes, making it so hard to work with and apply.

I feel like I"m stabbing myself in the eye with this mascara, and the bristles on the wand are a weird formation, that it doesn't apply the mascara as well as it could if the bristles were better. I also have a hard time getting to the base of my lashes with this mascara. I didn't want to waste money and throw it away, but I rarely use it....only when I have a ton of time to stand there and take my sweet time with my lashes. I would never use this on a client, it's intimidating!