Beauty Product Reviews


This is my go-to favorite soap! It's not moisturizing, but thats lotion's job;) Seriously, this honey smelling soap is so divine -- the scent lingers on your skin long after you've used it! I love the fact that it's hand made as well!


First off, this moisturizer smells amazing! Too bad it's not edible... And the moisture that this body butter gives you is like none other -- I can smooth just a little bit onto my skin and it will be moisturized for quite some time! ! Great for the winter for an overall body lotion, it might be a bit heavy in the summer, but i'll still use it, just not as much! ;)

Convenient, Unique, & Worth It!

Honestly, for the longest time I didn't think that buying this palette was worth it. I kept telling myself that the colors weren't that unique, I could find them already in my collection, etc etc... However, I got this recently and I have found that the colors ARE unique! Although they are neutrals, the versatility is amazing and it's so convenient to have them all in one palette, especially when traveling! I am now a big fan :-)