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Beauty Product Reviews

Suits most but not all

If you love a matte finish and medium to full coverage and have combination skin than this is your foundation. I use this on myself as a makeup artist and I find it suits most of my clients needs as well.

If God wore concealer, it would be this one

The perfect concealer. Beautiful texture, not too thick-not too sheer. Just overall a lovely product. Creasing? So very minimal, long lasting, and the color stays true! I use this for my clients whether they need to look good for an hour photoshoot or on a bride who needs all day wear.

Long full lashes without the clump

So it's true, all the hype you hear about this product is correct! The bristles are perfect to prevent clumping and this really does give a outstanding lengthening effect! Must have in your makeup kit!

Like natural? This is your palette

Such romantic colors! I use this on my bridal clients so want a very soft natural look! The baby pinks, soft warm hues, and the smokey greys make this palette a must have for the all natural girl!

Very romantic shades but they require some work to look pigmented and to blend. An eyeshadow primer is a must! It comes with little index cards for step by step looks. Be prepared for fallout!

I am a makeup artist and you can do so much with this palette! Anything from a smokey eye to a subtle elegant look. Definitely a must have in your makeup case!

Being a makeup artist at Sephora, this was on our best sellers wall and I always suggest it as a layering mascara. It does lift, and give length, but if you are a " wand pumper" it will dry out on you and fast. This is when clumping results. Try pairing it with urban decay big fatty.