Beauty Product Reviews

Coffee <3

Lovelovelove these. I use the shade coffee and it makes the most amazing dark brownish red. I use it for the outer corners of my lips to make them look deeper and fuller or as an all over lip color. I also have guava and it&#39;s the prettiest frosty pink I&#39;ve ever seen. Great moisturizer and great sent that leaves a tingly feel.

Great basic red

I use this color to blend in to softer pinks to make them pop more. The &#34;really red&#34; Is honest to it&#39;s name. It probably is better for people who have a warm skin tone, but I don&#39;t recommend it for cooler skin tones, like me. Good texture &amp; not sheer at all.

Great for already natural big lashes.

I already have big volumized lashes, (I know, why would I need mascara then? Because it makes them look good all of the time) so I hate mascara that is &#34;volumizing.&#34; This is the best &#34;LENGTH&#34; mascara I&#39;ve ever tried. It&#39;s a wet formula, I use the brownish black so my lashes don&#39;t look so extreme. I do recommend this for bottom lashes for anyone. This stuff is a good simple mascara.

Drugstore alt.

This was the second foundation I&#39;ve ever used, and I must say, I&#39;m pretty happy with it. I want to try out more drug store brands so I&#39;m not bias about this but for now, I love it. It stays all day with no primer, matches my skin tone amazingly(150/Buff). I see alot of people complaining about no pump, but pour some out on the back of your hand, and I promise that&#39;s all you need, even if it take 10 seconds instead of 2. The finish to me though is almost cakey, so I just lightly pat a wet wash cloth to stop that. Over all, I really like it, and I will be buying another.