Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful but very similar to volume 4

This is absolutely beautiful and hourglass quality, but the shades are so similar to the volume 4 which I also have. Not really a problem since you can't really get the older ones anymore so I won't be able to replace it when it's gone. I do want to address another review that I saw on here about the blushes having more ambient lighting powder than blush. I do wish that Hourglass could find a way to blend the 2 together in a more uniform manner because I've had the same issue with several of them, including a full size blush in diffused heat. I end up scraping off some of the regular powder so the blush shows up at all and it hurts to waste product that is so pricey! I haven't scraped any off the full sized shown but have with the smaller 2 because they were showing up as just shimmer the more I tried to add to get a bit of a wash of color.


If you love a beautiful, healthy, natural looking flush of color on your cheeks then this is the product for you. This cream blush melts into your skin and looks like you're just natually blushing. It lasts all day, which has always been my issue with cream products. I have very dry and maturing skin, so I'm always trying to find cream blushes, bronzers, and highlights that make me look dewy and youthful but most wear off in a few hours and I end my day looking blotchy. Not with this! I'm going to start purchasing each of them one by one until I have them all tbh!

This cannot be used as a bronzer

I was kind of bummed out that this was marketed as a product that can be used as a bronzer, as I only use matte bronzers and purchased hey honey thinking it would be nice to have one radiant type of glowy bronzing product. Yes, it looked pretty light, but I'm pale as can be. It's pretty shimmery as opposed to glossy and is too dark for me to use as a highlight. I do like it in the inner corners of my eyes or tapped out in the center over a skin toned base. Just make sure you look at swatches of this shade before purchasing and don't be fooled by the "bronzer" claim like I was lol! The photo is just a swatch that I tapped out on my arm.

Beautiful and long lasting

These trios are a good price for the amount of product and can be used alone or mixed to get the exact shade you want. The quality is amazing and they last all day. I used to hoard Tarte blushes, but these are just as great and the price is better. Plus, you get 3 normal sized shades for the price of 1 giant blush that will expire before you could ever hit pan. I absolutely hate glitter on my face as it makes my aging skin look textured and older, but even the middle shade in this one looks beautiful on my skin and more shimmery than glittery.

I just can't believe I got this lol

I was so excited to be able to purchase this on beautylish within a minute of it launching as well as receiving it in 2 days, so THANK YOU BEAUTYLISH! So far, I'm pretty impressed. I've never done swatches before but I did the best I could using a brush as seen below. There is a considerable amount of kick up, but little to no fallout on the shades I've used on my eyes so far. The price is right for the quality and quantity in my opinion. Not only are the shades beautiful when applied lightly but when they are built up it takes them from good to amazing. I'm happy to own this little piece of history but even more happy that it's a product that's gorgeous and actually performs!