Beauty Product Reviews

Super pigmented

I think the way this product works is clever where you grind your desired amount of blush, however all this loose colour is EXTREMELY pigmented which I actually see as a problem because I end up getting too much on the brush and having to tap so much away I end up wasting loads of product. If you like really strong blush then this is the product for you. However I prefer not having to have the lightest hand in the world.

Incredibly hydrating

I have not seen a single dry patch of skin this winter whilst wearing this primer, which I use everyday. It makes your makeup glide on and last throughout the day. This primer truly keeps skin hydrated and I would use it for that sole purpose even if it wasn't a primer because it's just amazing. Would 100% recommend this to people with dry skin.

Fantastic foundation!

This foundation is more on the heavy and thick side but it definitely covers. I have mild acne and get oily in my T zone and this works so well with my skin. Personally I think it can go from light to heavy coverage depending on how much you build it. The foundation claims to help actively get rid of spots which I don't know if that's true but it doesn't seem to make them worse! I have had 2 shades of this and I find they both have quite pink undertones which is weird because there is no cool/warm option for the shades as far as I am aware. Other than that, great product.

Amazing shadows, cheap packaging

You get great value for money with this palette and probably the widest wearable colour selection of any neutral palette. The shadows are highly pigmented and I haven't experienced much fall out. The packaging is super sleek which is great, however I don't see how it would be at all practical for travelling as the packaging is literally cardboard. It doesn't seem sturdy at all to me and I can definitely see it opening in a bag and being destroyed. I love how it's sleep but I'd rather it be a little thicker and made out of a more solid material.

Amazing palette!

Urban decay eyeshadow quality is amazing! These were my first eyeshadows from urban decay and I am so impressed. They're perfect for anyone who loves neutral shadows and there is a large variety of neutral shadows oppose to them all having one colour scheme like the naked 3. Packaging is sturdy and great for travelling! However the plastic bits which keep the palette secure broke off mine after only having the palette for 2 weeks. Other than that great palette!