Beauty Product Reviews

Not exceptional in any way

I'm going to be in the minority on here, but I find this to be pretty much a "MEH" cream. Some background on my experience with it...I was living in the UK for two years and was there in September 2013 when Charlotte launched her iconic line exclusively in Selfridges in Central London. I was one of the first people at counter in the first week, and bought over £200 worth of Charlotte's lovely products. (So basically I've had almost two years worth of experience with this product.) Of all her products, this one was by far the one I was most excited about, as it had been talked about in the UK beauty mags and beauty blogs for weeks there in the summer of 2013, before it's release. My skin is normal/combo dehydrated. I love rich creams, and can handle them quite well. I was loving this product for the first 3 months or so, and it seemed to hydrate quite well. But basic hydration was all it seemed to do. I never found it to be much of a multitasker powerhouse in any other respect, and this product has a LOT of claims! I also found it to be a bit too emollient under my makeup, and my finish was always a lot shinier during the day when I wore it under makeup, whether it was a light tint or mineral powder or fuller coverage foundation. Also, the actives in it are too far down on the ingredient list to make any sort of real difference in the skin and even if they could, the fact that it's not an airtight container but in a jar, they then run the risk of getting disintegrated and inactive by air and cross contamination. Don't get me wrong, this is a lovely, basic cream, but it's just that...a basic cream. There are some wonderful moisturizers and creams at the drugstore and at dept stores that can do all this cream claims to do and more, for a fraction of the cost. As for me, I personally enjoyed Charlotte's multitasking balm/mask/cleanser MUCH more. I found that product to be a great facial cleanser, but an even more impressive and exceptional sleep mask which made my skin butter soft in the AM. Personally I wouldn't use it as a facial cleanser but only as a sleep mask, because the size of that jar and the price you pay makes it absolutely worth it compared to other sleep masks. But as for this, I'd pass, even if you are into luxury. For the price, it should do more.

High Quality and Super Soft

This foundation brush is brilliant for both liquid and powder/mineral foundations. I have about 6 different foundation brushes from about 5 different lines, including MAC, Urban Decay, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, and IT cosmetics, and I can honestly say this one beats them all. First if all, it is a synthetic/natural hybrid (cruelty free) and you get the best of both types of bristles in one unique brush. The bottom is magnitized, and designed to be stored bristle side up on either her Rae Plate or Frame. She has patented this ingenious system and it has really streamlined my routine, esp on busy mornings, when I was used to fumbling for a certain brush in either a crowded makeup brush cup or brush roll. No more! Ok, more about the brush...When softly swirled on the face, you don't need a ton of product, and whatever you are using gets easily buffed to airbrush perfection. I have super sensitive skinand I am a twice weekly user of retinoids, which tend to really sensitize skin, and I was really starting to get irritated by pretty much all the other foundation brushes I own. (My second fave, the Optical blurring foundation brush from UD, which is also very soft, was even getting too irritating!!) This brush was so soft I hardly felt a thing as I brushed it onto my face. It was SO soft, in fact, I didn't have to worry about it causing micro exfoliation as it sweeps across the face (a nightmare for flakey areas that you are trying to cover with foundation.) It is also very lovely to look at, and fits delicately in my hand, not too big nor too small, which I also love. I purchased this and the Rae plate, and five of her eye brushes which are also divinely soft, although they are not synthetic, but natural hair. I actually prefer natural haired bristles on the eye, as do most pros. Rae herself is an absolute genius makeup artist. If you aren't familiar with her, take a trip to her website, and check out one of her many exquisite makeup technique books, and read about her work on her site. I myself am a licensed Esthetician and makeup artist, own three of her books, and have learned different tricks and tips with each of them. (Rae's books, by the way, blow any of the Bobbi Brown makeup manuals out of the water, both in terms of artistic and practical value, and both for casual and glam makeup looks. I've always found Bobbi's techniques to be bland, overly simplistic and uber basic. Stuff we all already know- not so with Rae's techniques.) Being the true artist she is, she has designed a brush line and magnetized organization system for them, which has turned out to be one of the best brush lines out there. Each brush has a intended purpose, and THiS one brings out the best in foundations!