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No Panda Eyes

I have slightly hooded eyes so to find an eyeliner that won't smudge during my 18 hour days is LITERALLY a miracle. I put this eyeliner on at 7am and came back home at almost midnight and it was still intact. no fading, no smudging. oh and did I mention it's also MATTE? I've been using this liner continuously for about a month or so now and I still have plenty in the tube. it is liquidy so a little goes a long way, in my opinion. the only downside that I had was it doesn't glide over very metallic shadows (such as MakeUpGeek Foiled shadows and Colourpop Metallics/UltraMetallics/Pearlized). Even if you run the liner over, the brush tip rubs off, leaving a blank space where the liquid liner should have been.

That powder brush...

I didn't have any handle/ferrule issues like the other reviewer did... I would definitely say this is the softer brush set between Etoile and Neige My favorite brush has be the biggest one: the powder brush... if you look at it carefully, you can tell the end of the brush were NOT CUT! so so so so so so so soft!

The angled brush, however, was somewhat disappointing because it was quite rough. It's hard to use on my sensitive eyes :(

I wish there was more!

The brightest yet matte shade of blue. The handle/ferrule itself is so beautiful! The biggest brush of the three best works with loose powder. The other big one is a bit more denser so I've been using it more than my wayne goss 13 brush :) The eyeshadow brush packs a punch too and works so well with finer milled eyeshadows! I wish this set was a 4 set instead of a 3! It seems insufficient

Better late than never.

I missed out on the Holiday Brush last year and was devastated! but the wait was worth it when I purchased both colors this year! The white one seems more fluffier than the black one but both are very multi-functional. From powder to bronzer to highlighter, this brush can do it all! I haven't picked up my hakuhodo/chikuhodo/mac/sigma/charlotte tilbury/tom ford at all! Yes, it's quite expensive for a SINGLE brush, but it's worth it when it's a "all-in-one" brush :)

For the most part...

I bought this since it is obviously resembles Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner. Granted I do think this formula is creamier than the Benefits and doesn't dry as quickly, but it still flakes off like Benefit does. Black is very black, just the way I like it. The purple one is alot lighter in person than the picture. The picture makes it seem like it's a royal purple color whereas in real life, it's almost a lavender purple.

I'll keep using it and see if I still like it in a month .

For Eyes?

So I read a previous review on this brush and I read that this brush was pretty big for an eyeshadow, but hey, I thought "how much bigger can it be?" so I went ahead and bought it. I received it in the mail and at first, I thought "did Beautylish send me the wrong brush?" I read the label on the brush and it said GSN-7 and I was pretty shocked. I would have thought this was more of a concealer brush instead of an eyeshadow brush. Heck, if it was a teeny bit bigger, it would have been the size of a foundation brush. I attempted to use it as an eyeshadow brush and it somewhat works. Because of the large brush head, it's hard to be precise.

A great daily eyeshadow brush

I've been using this everyday since I've gotten it. Even though it's extremely soft, it still picks up pigments very well. In my opinion it's very versatile too. I can easily pack on whatever eyeshadow onto my eye lid or blend eyeshadows when I need to. It's very easy to move across your eyelid and pinpoint wherever you want your eyeshadow to stay. In comparison from my own brush collection, this GSN-9 is similar in size with Wayne Goss Brush 18, but WG 18 is flatter and a smidge wider.

Better than eyeshadows

I have these in Flicker, Foxfire, and Clove. When I first got them, I thought they would be like eyeshadows: looks great in the sifter but okay when applied. NOPE. Even without primer or a white base, each pigment shines its true color on your skin. I was so amazed. The colors are packed with shimmer (not glitters chunks!!) and if you don't want it too shimmery than you blend it and it won't be as shimmery. I applied these around 8am and came back home around 3pm: still great! No retouches and went back to work and came back home around 1130pm. STILL GREAT! This are very ever-lasting, but with that in mind, since these are PIGMENTS not eyeshadows, they do stain the skin... the darker the color, the darker the stain. but it comes off pretty easily so no need to pop an eyeball out by rubbing too hard :) highly recommend these! Definitely planning on purchasing more in the future

What in the world was that?

I received this yesterday and I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing but as I was talking with my roommate, my hand must have grabbed this brush and I ended up using it. At first, I was thinking "my goodness what is so soft?" Then I happened to go out with my roommate and she pointed out how soft and flawless my face looked. It was weird because she sees me everyday and not once did she say anything about my skin. When I came back home, I realized I had used my brand new GSN-2 and I picked it up to use it again.

"What in the world was that?" Was the first thought that went through my head. This brush is so ridiculously soft that it makes you feel like you're dreaming! My large pores and acne scars were covered so well and my liquid foundation didn't budge as I kept sweeping this brush over and over my face. I thought I was head over heels with my Wayne Goss brushes, but now this brush has completely stolen my heart as well.

In fact, after I post this review, I'll be buying my second GSN-2!!

Should have bought these sooner

I'm almost mad at myself for waiting so long before buying these wonderful brushes! I nearly threw away all the other face brushes I had when I started using my Wayne Goss ones. These brushes are TOOOOOO AMAZING. How can they be this soft?! They don't irritate my skin like most brushes do (it causes me to break out :/) and it keeps whatever product I'm using in place. I usually don't like duo fiber brushes just because they never seem to make my face "flawless" as most of them claim, but NO, brush10 has changed my opinion! I've fallen completely in love with brush 12. I can't stop touching it. It keeps my powder in place and this is the same face powder I've been using for so long but never could get the results that I wanted. Now I know it was because of the brush I was using. That flawless look (without the caking and other horrors of using a bad brush) that I've been wanting has finally been achieved. Definitely buying back ups of 12. Just ordered the Eye Set and can't wait to get them <3

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