Beauty Product Reviews

I do like this primer but only in my t-zone and i press it in. I dont think i cant live without it, but its good. nyx has a great pore filler for half the price that I think works just as well.

I first got this in the black and loved it so much i ordered it in a brown, purple, blue and gold, and every single one of them is incredible. you have a little bit of play time w them but once they set those suckers are onnnn. lol. very pigmented, great for on the lid and on the waterline :)

this pallet by far is one of my absolute favorites. I didnt buy it at first when i saw it in ulta but i kept going back to it, so finally caved and purchased it. this is one of the looks i created using this pallet, and i could go weeks using it before i ran out of different looks to create. so its very versital, the shadows are buttery and pigmented and easy to blend out. i highly recommend it :))

love this lipstick its a great everyday pink :)) The only thing id say is REALLY make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips first and with this lipstick id absolutely recommend wearing a liner :)