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I am a brush hoarder and shameful junkie. As such, I own myriad, high-end brushes, across the full spectrum of brushes. (Truly embarrassing, to be candid.) Of all my cheek/highlighter brushes, I have come to prefer smaller brushes.

Previous to the Wayne Goss Air brush, my twin [universally coveted] Suqqu cheek brushes were my go-to tools. But this gem BLOWS AWAY Suqqu at a FRACTION of the price.


What's the hype all about?

SO MUCH hype about this product that I couldn't help myself from ordering it. And after getting this product in my eager hands, I gotta say that I'm underwhelmed. Still waiting for it to dry; just like Vaseline, it stays sticky. For $38? No way.

Probably a duplicate review. I LOVE this for very fine lines, but if this is the only pencil you use, it won't last you very long and you're on your way to the poor house. Not much product here.

My very own nude

I have--what I believe to be--relatively pigmented lips for a white gal and this is a great nude for me. Not nearly as dark as it seems to be from the online swatch, but I LOVE IT.

Not really up to snuff

I wish it were better. But I can't get a crisp line with this brush. Believe me, because I have SO MANY eyebrow brushes.

Get it now

I don't know why I haven't reviewed it before now, but I don't know what I'd do without this in my arsenal. It's a sine qua non.

Confession: I snagged all colors

I love everything about this product. Although some reviewers on various websites say it's inferior to Tom Ford's version because it creases, it certainly doesn't crease on me.

As good as it gets

Best ever eyebrow pencil--although I wish I knew why "universal" in this skinny version translates to several colors. Beautylish rep told me that "universal taupe" was closest to "universal universal" in the fatty version.

One comment: I use this to supplement the fatty version. If I were to use only the skinny version, it would last me two weeks top. So I've taken off one star because value is an issue here.

An "upscale" spoolie?

C'mon guys and gals ... Yes, I love the set (although it should have included brush 08, which Wayne has touted for its eyebrow prowess). But a spoolie is a spoolie.

A strange colour... 364 Matte

This yellow is MUCH more green than the online swatch suggests. Strangely, it almost works when applied. The jury remains out.

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