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Beauty Product Reviews

So so soft!

These brushes are not only the softest I've ever used, they are effective and work very well to apply various shades. My one request is that they come in other colored sets. Beautiful brushes and case though.

Excellent Coverage of undereye circles.

I had a little bit of trouble deciding which shade I should get in this concealer but it had been perfectly matched to my skin tone and blends very evenly with my other Cover FX cosmetics.

Beautiful and useful!!!

This brush stand holds my Anna Sui brush and hand mirror and it's such a beauty to add to my vanity! I love the designs and the color is neutral enough to fit anywhere!

Very effective!

Bottom coats have to be completely dry before this coat goes on. Will not dry all coats. Just the top coat of polish. So when applying more than one coat make sure they are dry between coats before applying drying top coat.

A very easy way to get a nice accurate look!

I was very Leary about having three prongs to apply my eyeliner but I'm finding that it's been more beneficial for mistakes and preventing them than any other liner I've tried. I love liquid eyeliners, but this one takes the cake.

Beautiful for your workspace

The tray is just right to hold any number of various things that are necessary to a makeup artists vanity. I use it to hold all of my makeup cleaners and my setting spray and everything fits perfectly! The detail put into the shape of the container really pleases my eyes. :)

Perfect for a vanity

I love this tray because it hold my Anna Sui hair brush and hand mirror as well as adds beauty to my work space! I'm sure it could be used for makeup brushes as well but I use mine for hair accessories. The colors and design a re delightful!

Some of the colors I can't work with

When I chose the palette, I knows there was going to be a section that really wasn't going to work on me. But the sections that do are such beautiful, shimmery colors and I love using this palette!

Light citrusy scent that as wonderful

This set cleans my brushes exceptionally well. I've used it on all of my brushes and have noticed it's getting out even older makeup that the other cleaners could not get out. Extending the life of my brushes is very important to me as I use them everyday. This product set is exactly the ticket for what I need.

One of the best mascaras for already full lashes

The single and only gripe I have about this mascara is that it's not waterproof.

The style of the brush allows my already full lashes to each get coached well and it helps to separate them also. I love that I don't need and eyelash curler with this product either!!!

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