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Beauty Product Reviews

love it

i think this mascara is very good as it does exactly what say it does on the advertisements. i love how this mascara makes my long lashes even more longer and curl without having to use my eye lash curler. the mascara is also great as it separates and thicken them without ever going clumpy. i also finally love that it is extremely black which i love cuz i dont have to use 2 different mascaras which is always a good thing. xoxo


love them work wonders for me lips and the smell lovely never go a dai without applying it, Oooooooo they make my lips sooo smooth and soft. the love that you dont have to use ur finger which is very hygienic which stop any bacteria getting on to it. i also love that fact that they comin four different scents and flavors, my favorite gotta be the summer fruit and sweet mint they smell and even taste gorgeous xoxo