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Apr 11, 2015

Isabel M.

Ja ik ben Nederlands inderdaad!! Nederland is the shit 💩 XD.

Apr 04, 2015

Isabel M.

You are so pretty!! Plus we have the same name so yeah... I had to follow someone that fabulous 💁💁

Apr 04, 2015

Madi M.

Following! You're so pretty Isabel 😊

Apr 03, 2015

Tia S.

You're welcome! Well, first off I'd say that pretty headbands and pins will be very useful because you can't really put your hair up and there will be those days you wish you could (you can find pretty ways to either braid back or twist back the front). One product I love to use for volume is the Not your Mother's "pump it up" spray. Another product I love to use on the days I don't have time or I'm not in the mood to style it with an iron or flatiron is Not your Mother's "beach babe" sea salt spray, It turns my blah uneven waves into natural looking perfect waves and lose curls. Here's a good pic of what the sea salt spray does for me :)

Sep 25, 2014

Isabel R.

@shelby L. @ciera C. you guys are just so sweet! @Cailyn P. Yes I am, but I'm still in school so only parttime.

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Isabel R.

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